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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

A Tour de Kitchen...

Hello dear friends!

I had a rocking Monday thanks to all of you!!!

 My new, Blog it Forward Series kicked  off with Tina from The Enchanted Home!! Her participation and the company of her wonderful readers was thrilling and all the generous comments was a gift extraordinaire! You can read all about it here!

A huge warm thank you!!
Welcome to everyone who has decided to join me here in my lil dot of the cyber universe and may we have many days to converse, share and inspire! By the way, I had such an overwhelming reaction that it might take me a while to get around to visit you all, so please bear with me!

Now, as I was scrolling through Tina's lovely blog and enchanting home, I returned time and time again to her kitchen and butler's pantry! Well, you will understand why.... take a look if you haven't yet!

Most pleased that you understand...

I could live in here alone and let the world go by...

 Anyway, it got me dreaming... about what I would cook in her lovely kitchen... and some other kitchens. It made my mouth water and my hand itch to whip out an apron and get cookin!

The dish I would most love to prepare in Tina's lovely kitchen , would be my favourite summer Paella! I just adore the whole process and find it both stressful and therapeutic!!  Umm... if that makes any sense at all. I love making the stock and stirring the arborio rice whilst sipping my favourite Sauvignon ( who wouldn't?) and prepping the prawns and seafood on the side. It gets hectic towards the end of the dish when everything needs to fit into the pan ( I always overdo it!!) and to co-ordinate, who ever is Braaing (bbq 'ing) the fish! It sounds a bit like a crazed affair sometimes but, it is always a theatrical and totally satisfying act to serve to guests and to hear their gasps of pleasure at the colourful dish! You can find my recipe for Paella here! It's always on my summer holiday table between Christmas and New Years!

Paella is always best served outside near the pool, don't you think? And anyway, I need to cool off after that last minute kitchen flurry, so I 'm ditching the apron for a dip in the pool!

Another fab kitchen below...

I just love it!

What shall we make in here?

How about something wickedly indulgent, something comforting for the bit of bite that has been in the air here lately?


Whole Wheat Apple Cinnamon Muffins or a cup of Salted Caramel Mocha?

I think I am going to make those Caramel wrapped marshmallows...while you get on with the toffee Crunch Cupcakes with Caramel frosting, okay?

This kitchen below makes me feel like being a drama queen!

So  lets add a bit of theatre, shall we?

Cupcakes can be girly, but here, they prove to be quite dramatic. Top a cupcake with a strawberry that you have scooped the core out of . Fill with vodka or rum and set alight. A torched cupcake!! ,,,,, and,,,, drum roll !!!! ,,,, make a dramatic entrance with the lights dimmed for gasps from your guests!

Those black and white patterned cupcakes looks way to sophisticated to eat, but I think we will manage just fine, don't you?

A  delectable strawberry tower is so easy to make...

A piece of sturdy cardboard folded into a cone, doused with melted chocolate and strawberries stuck on to great effect and it would make quite the centre piece for any dessert table!

Or we could bake the zebra cake or those red velvet pancakes....hmmm...choices!


Simply enjoy a single black fig...pure earthy pleasure.

From drama queen to earth mother...

That is feeling, of earthy goodness, that the kitchen below evokes in me and instead of serving vegetables, harvested from my own kitchen garden, of course, I feel the need to bake baguettes in here to fill a truck with...
An honest loaf for an honest day's work...most satisfying...


Another fabulous french Provencal kitchen. Isn't it just magnificent?

This most definitely, is where I want to cook with vegetables!
Luscious ripe red tomatoes, plump purple aubergines, green zucchinis, sweet red peppers, onions and ...and ..and...sigh.

So lets get chopping and peeling... you can do the potatoes for some chips , in olive oil , of course,  whilst I get colourful with a tray of roasted balsamic vegetables, and then we can make the stuffed zucchini boats together. This is the kitchen where you want to steam artichokes in, and there seems to be ample space for a song and dance session, as well!

Since we are in the Mediterranean already, we might as well move the kitchen outdoors.  What a lovely setting to cook in, under blue skies adorned with a flutter of green.

May I entice you with Roasted Carrot Harissa and Creme Fraiche Crostini? Actually, I think this is just the spot to prep my Can Can Chickens  and Salad of Roast Aubergine, Tomato and Mint (click here for the recipe). These are all from a favourite cookbook A Kitchen Safari.

 Oh, and I almost forgot to offer you a bacon wrapped cream cheese jalapeno bite, sorry!

John Jacob Zwiegelaar's sophisticated kitchen is just the most wonderful space. I want to sit and stare. Can you imagine stumbling in here every morning to put the kettle on?

Spot the rooster.... instant rooster love!

Here, I want to be elegant but still full of earthy goodness. So how about an Avocado and Tuna Tartare,  A Bramble Berry Jello Shot or a Fig Salad (recipe here)

PS: For those who asked... I promise to photograph the fig salad properly and post it!! PROMISE!

I feel so cosy and content looking at the kitchen below. There is so much to love in here, rooster, butcher's block, copper pots and pans, floors, etc, etc!
You got the picture?

  I want to roast pumpkin and make soup. Curry Roasted Pumpkin Soup (recipe here)  there is already a autumn bite in the air, so it won't be long before this will be on the menu here at House Tassles. We can also make a
chili garlic pumpkin hummus, since we already have some roast pumpkin or a cheesy cauliflower puree.  Listen to this.. a lemon quinoa, cilantro and chickpea salad....phew is there life after that? Lastly we can turn the humble aubergine into glam bites with a stuffing of goats cheese.

I think this post will have to continue another day with a second part as dinner is approaching fast here on the tip of Africa. So I am off to the kitchen, my own old faithful much less glam one to get chopping!

What's on the menu?

Fillet of Pork in a sticky Soy dressing served with sweet potato braised in orange juice and honey. Still thinking about the rest but that's about the gist of dinner tonight.

thank you for your comany

Live Well Friends

And remember...

The Table is Life!
and it starts in the kitchen with love, no matter how humble your kitchen, if its made with love it will be good...



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  1. Hello Veronica

    Your imagination is superb and it fascinates how you concoct recipes based on the kitchen's image.
    Glad to find you
    Thanks to Tina too

  2. Veronica, don't know what to say....I am so humbled by this!! I just stumbled across it in my travels and just added a little blip on my post today about it. Thank you so much!!!!! I wish you lived closer so you could come visit and we could have a "cooking sesh".....you make the paella and I will whip up my gumbo...now THAT would make an awesome sit down dinner!!!! Thank you so much for this....I am so touched. And if you are ever this way.....would love you to come visit!

  3. I am in agreement about Tina's kitchen, its my dream kitchen too and the things I would make, glad to hear she likes to cook, it would be ashame for it not to be used and enjoyed. I have never made paella but its one of our favorite dishes. This is such a beautiful post. I love how you paired up the kitchens with the foods. Brilliant job. Really enjoying your blog.

  4. I want to hate Tina for that gorgeous kitchen......dang it.....but she is so nice and has such a good heart I have forgiven her......Nice post Veronica!

  5. Oh my....I could cook in ANY ONE of those kitchens.....Marvelous!

  6. Beautiful post, Veronica. Love all of these kitchens.
    Happy Thursday.

  7. Tina's kitchen is amazing, and I expect (hope) that we see it in some prominent magazines soon! I love the all black and white one that you featured, too!

  8. Coming over from Tina's and what a treat it is visiting. The kitchens and the meals you created around their inspiration are delightful. I will stop back again.

  9. That entire post had me riveted. LOVE!
    Thank you for the lovely tour! I'm going to go fix myself something now as I am hungry from all those wonderful food photos!

  10. Your photos are most amazing. Just love the kitchens. Visiting from Friendship Friday.

  11. What a wonderful imagination you have, Veronica. Your delightfully chatty conversational style brings each of your posts to life and you present your subject matter in such an enchanting way. I really enjoyed everything about this post and loved being transported to all of these exquisite kitchens and tasting all that beautiful, beautiful food.

  12. Visting from Foodie Friday, and you have inspired me to make paella some day soon. Our dinner group has "talked" about making for the last three years, so I think it is time! I am your newest follower.