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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Treasures from Adam's Eden!

Good morning all!

For this Fabulous Friday post, I decided to take you on an inspirational trip through a friend's magnificent garden. I have shared this tropical paradise with you in three previous posts and I will include the link at the end of the post should you want to revisit it. If you have not yet seen those posts I highly recommend it!

I bet there are many many designers, in every single genre of design who regularly turn to nature for inspiration in their work. And , in this one single post there is inspiration for so many things....colour, shape, form, texture...you name it, it is here!

Oh yes, and while I had the amazing privilege to be allowed to wonder around this magical paradise with my camera, the very hospitable owner, Japie, saw to it that my tastebuds and ears remained in tune with nature as well.  Yes, the birds were chirping, the wind chimes were gently swaying out a tune on the wind... opera music was wafting out the door and a home made glass of Limencello, over crushed ice, was placed in my willing right hand...what more could a girl want on a Sunday morn?

Take a look and enjoy the beauty of nature...

The light was amazing and although I am not a photographer, I was quite pleased with some of these shots.

The lushness of the staghorn fern is amazing...

Love the colours and textures of the bark and bromeliad.

An artists garden for sure.... look at the way the stumps of sett both the foliage and the cerise pink blooms. The colour is just so much more intense.

Dainty yet regal and divinely arranged!

Perfect positioning and a feast for the eye, believe me I could not get away from it to discover the next and the next...

This single palm leaf can inspire a pleated skirt, a fan shaped dress or even a pleated skirted round table cloth... what do you see in your mind's eye when looking at it?

I almost feel like wearing it with a cerise pink scarf!

How about this amazing colour?

A Master's paintbrush adorned this succulent with a glamorous pattern, that the eye never tires of...

Pattern and form and colour and and...


Love the way the textures of the bark accentuates the colours

This was one of my favourites in the garden. I just can not get enough of the shape and the painted tips are just perfection...

Unfortunately I am not familiar with all the bromeliad's names. Japie is a world authority and has cultivated his own plants. I would love to learn more and add names.

Ahh yes, I have showed you these beauties before , but they fit in here so well and anyway  there is always another angle with the camera!

Doesn't she remind you of a painted lady?

Lace love....Acers are just so appealing in a gentle breeze when the lacy leaves whirl into a dance..



Grey whorls of intricate pattern..

The light fantastic!

I always "look" up with my camera and this is what I saw...

A lacy sky of silhouettes...

Contrast in foliage and colour elevates this scene to another level of viewing pleasure.

You can view all three the previous post on Japie's garden here. I only give you tis one link as you will find the links to the other post s included in that post. Get another drink and have a look, you will be captivated and enchanted.

Thank you for your company.

Have a great weekend

Live Well



all images Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds and none of them have been digitally enchanced. You see what I saw!!

Let's chat in the comment box below... I am all ears...


  1. Dear Veronica, I have just turned green with envy! To be able to walk in such a stunning garden (and you have to agree it is a garden to be jealous of!) Seriously, thank you for the stunning shots, what AMAZING plants. All I’m going to say is you are one very lucky lady.

  2. WWow what a garden...love all the luscious colors and all the tropical splendor. What a treat it must be to visit!

  3. Such a spectacular post. I love it. I was painting, en plein air, yesterday and saw many of the plants you feature. The shades, colours, texture and aroma are a beauty to behold on this my favourite season of Spring.
    Thank you for this breath of fresh air

    Helen xx

  4. You really got to see some stunning tropical plants, love all the colors and shapes. It's a gorgeous garden and thank you for sharing.


  5. Dear Veronica, What a lovely antidote to our cold weather to see these beautiful shots you took. I can only imagine how old the Staghorn must be. It is the perfect "bouquet" all by itself.

  6. I feel like I'm in the rain forest.

  7. Veronica, I had the priviledge of stopping at this garden during the week when I went for my daily walk with Ellen-Maud. Must say this is an unbelievable garden. The colour combinations are just so amazing. Thanks for sharing those areas we were unable to see. Linda xx

  8. I am in total awe of all the Bromelaids and those Japanese Maples are to die for ! How fortunate you are to be able to enjoy such a lovely garden ! And with a limoncello no less :)

  9. It's a beautiful collection; beautiful garden. When I see nature's colors like this, it reminds me how to put them together in a room or matching up clothes to wear (what colors look good together...good enough for nature, good enough for me!). My favorite of your photos is when you were looking up and captured the lacy fern canopies; that's one that should be framed and put on a wall, although all of your photos here turned out wonderfully.

  10. Oh yes, I remember this garden. Can you imagine just how exotic this all looks when viewed from this mossy island? The colours - the shapes - that Stag Horn Fern is amazing and the bromeliades are nearly unbelievable. Thank you for that wonderful tour - I'd love to see it all for real!

  11. What lovely pictures thank you for letting me see them. Feel free to visit me in the orchard.

  12. This is the most beautiful tropical garden I have ever seen. Thanks so much for sharing in such detail!