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Thursday, 1 March 2012


Hello dear friends!

I can not believe that today is the first day of autumn already!! Well, over here it is  autumn and officially my favourite season... It is a balmy beautiful evening in Cape Town and a cascading starry sky hangs above us!  Totally gorgeous.

As I was on my way home from a service for the World Wide Day of Prayer for Women I was wondering what I am going to blog about and then I checked into my blog and my eye fell on this beautiful conservatory...and voila! I was on a mission....

The conservatory above is my favourite of all time! It is also from one of my favourite houses ever... Henk and Monika Smith's amazing home, of which I can never get enough!

So, then I found a few more that grabbed my fancy...

This image is quite amazing... you can quickly bend down and retrieve your jaw from the ground!

It's like a dream, isn't it? I could not find the correct  photo credit and it just said  Winter Palace . Does anyone know?

Anyway, I could do a great deal of daydream believing in there!!! It's like a movie set for a romantic scene and ..well...let your imagination go... a proposal perhaps?

These beauties are at Schonbrunn Palace Vienna. Love the shape and can you just imagine the treasures they hold?

Everything we need is here... beautiful shapes, a chandy, an elegant bench,  a water feature and one of my favourite tree ferns...perfect!

Is it just me or does a conservatory hold a sense of mystique for you as well?


Just the place to while away a lazy Sunday....

The architectural detail on conservatories are always beguling.

I think its time to take a look at some daybeds for another post. I bet you all have a favourite lurking in your wish list closet!


On Monday I will introduce another wonderful blog in my Blog it Forward Series and on Tuesday is our monthly international Bloggers post for "By Invitation Only" and this time I will be taking you on a tour of my wonderful city of Cape Town!

Have a fab Friday

Live well



Images ~ Pinteres and House and Leisure


  1. How refreshing to look at this! Have a beautiful weekend!

    Kristin x

  2. How wonderful it would be to have a conservatory....sigh...just lovely.

  3. I adore conservatories...you have picked a fabulous selection...the first and last ones are my favourite...
    I could sit there for hours ;-)
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Veronica!!! what a great pleasure to find your blog, it is beautiful, the images are amazing and you've given me a whole new world of inspiration. Thank you for sharing your space.

  5. Oh, wow! Those are to die for! Absolutely stunning.

  6. There's something utterly romantic about a conservatory. I'd be happy with a small one on the side of the house - can truly imagine it!

  7. GREAT PICS:)I really like your blog..so much nice inspiration.
    I wish you a lovely weekend.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

  8. I don't know why I thought you were in the states.?? Anyway, I'm still picking my jaw up. These are georgous!

  9. Like Barefoot in Blue Jeans, I also initially thought you were from the U.S. but I've since learned from your blog that you're African-born. I love your blogs. You've got great taste, and I truly look forward to seeing glimpses of your world in Cape Town, as it's all so very interesting to those of us elsewhere in the world. I'm in Calif./USA. By the way, the conservatories, of which I know very little, are beautiful. I like to imagine the Victorian era, when the world was cold and gray outside...ladies in morning gowns, drinking their tea, surrounded by lovely, exotic plants, serenely green.

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