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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Blog It Forward ~ Splenderosa

Good Morning all!!

I am happy to report that I am back and not permanently lost in that wine cellar where you left me on Friday afternoon...

um...elegantly wasted?

I hope you had a great weekend and that you are ready for the next instalment in my Blog it Forward Series, where I introduce you to some of my favourite bloggers and their gorgeous blogs.

This week we are going glam ... not glam in a small way, but G. L. A. M in a big way!!!

Are you ready for...

" Gems of Glamour"


The Fabulous Marsha



Marsha and I both feature this image in our respective blog headers and I know one other gal who also adores this image.

Totally luscious...hey ladies?

Lets get started. Just a quick explanation of how it works. I sent Marsha twenty random questions to answer and then I get to play on her blog and select some of my favourite images to include. I had a great time surfing all the older posts on her blog, which seems to be easier than on most other blogs, which meant that I have now got a huge file full of glamour!

Marsha is a talented jewelry designer and I just had to show you a few of my favourites before we get going...

I really enjoy these colours together.

Love love love both!!
My favourites!


Okay friends lets hear from the glam girl from Texas...

Twenty Random Questions: Marsha

So stunning!

How do you pamper your soul?
    Oh, in so many little ways. My doggies, Bono & FiFi give me such pleasure. Reading late at night. Walking in our beautiful Memorial Park, which is huge, we have a 3-mile jogging trail there and once you make a commitment to walk, you just do it. Getting my hair done 2x a week


Name three things on your bucket list that you would like to do or that you have done 
    Have a big beautiful Christmas party, with musicians.
    Be 27 again.
    Move to Sorrento, Italy, where my soul resides.

What a stunning place...would totally visit you there Marsha!! I will buy the olive oil on the way...
Sorrento has such a great vibe.

What is on your bedside table?

    Kindle Fire
Blue/White Lamp
A little cushion my son gave me
A geode my daughter gave me
Framed photographs of people I love

If you were a drink what would you be?
    Champagne, absolutely champagne.

Glamour Glamour Glamour!

 Secret indulgence?
I’m not really secret about things I love.
Could not give up my morning coffee

What a view...I think this is the spot where coffee could become an all day affair...

Favourite décor shop?  
Oh, goodness, I love antique shops all over the world, and art galleries

    Your favourite magazines
      The usual, Vogue, Bazaar, W, T&C, all the shelter mags (really, all of them) & gardening with flowers

      Goddess gorgeous...

      Please tell us which city you live in and then which is your dream destination
        Houston, and I already said Sorrento, Italy...can you imagine anything more opposite?

        Beautifully done mosaic...

        What makes you laugh?
          Jim Carrey, outrageousness, good gossip, movies

            What a wonderful starry sky and the perfect gown...
            I always enjoy these paired images that Marsha does, you will see that I have included quite a few of them.

            Sweet intoxication…what does this phrase evoke in your mind?
              Cartier fragrance “So Pretty”

              Glam and opulent...

              Any hidden talents?
              Actually I can do so many things (or at least I try). Cooking, no one expects me to be able to cook, but I can and I love it.

                Delectable delightful delicious....

                Your signature dish in the kitchen?
                  Grilled Salmon
                   Hmmmm.... I am coming over....
                What does luxury mean to you?
                  Everything. It means everything to me. Even the most simple things can be luxurious if you take the time. Ironed sheets, the ultimate luxury. Beautiful white linens perfectly ironed and tended.

                  If I was to make a movie about you, who should I cast to play you?
                    Carol Lombard, I think, with a little Kate Hudson thrown in.

                    I always enjoy the answers to this question....
                    Glamorous and vivacious combo!

                    I am giving you one day off from all of your daily responsibilities…what will you do?
                      Go to NYC for lunch with my girlfriends.

                      How about lunch here?

                      Summer evenings are for…
                        Getting out of Houston where it’s too hot to stay in town. Colorado, Santa Barbara, Cote d’Azur
                      Your favourite gadget or appliance?
                        My computer, hand’s down !!
                          If there is one post you absolutely have to see, please make it this one!!!
                          Gucci Gucci Gucci
                            What influences your style?
                              Well at this point in my life I have my own style, developed & refined over time. But I always want to be current, so I would say JEWELRY, handbags, shoes. A couple of fabulous black outfits with a collection of different accessories can take you around the world effortlessly.

                              Shoes or handbag?

                                Handbag !! Bottega is my most coveted and desired accessory (but no, I don’t have one).

                                Bit of an unfair question, I Know!

                                Dearest Marsha is always so inclusive and invited me to my very first linky party in blogland and gave me much encouragement and a huge amount of glamorous inspiration. Her blog is always a fab stop over for me.

                                The best part of your day is…
                                  Late evening, when all is peaceful, watching a great movie with my 2 doggies sitting beside me.
                                  A glass of lovely wine, and maybe a cheese stick :)’s

                                  I will join you in that glass of wine...

                                  Please visit Marsha here at Splenderosa and enjoy all the glamour, and don't forget to check out her jewellery collections click here please!


                                  Thank you Marsha for being part of my Blog it Forward Series!!

                                  And thank you for the wonderful friendship!

                                  By the way friends, Marsha hosts us once a month in her unique linky party called

                                  "By Invitation Only"

                                  You can visit previous "By Invitation Posts" on my sidebar.

                                  Our next Post is scheduled for the 6th March and each participating blogger will be featuring the city/town that they live in. So please join us for the fun.

                                  Thank you for your company.

                                  Have a great week

                                  Live Well



                                  All images from Splenderosa

                                  Lets chat in the comment box blow...
                                  I'm all ears....


                                  1. OK my bad I have never been over to Marsha's blog but after seeing these imagges I will be a regular visitor. Love her replies and I couldn't agree more with her theen wanting to be in Italy, my dream to live there. Wonderful post and I'm off to visit Marsha's!

                                    Enjoy your Sunday!

                                  2. Where is the restaurant with the views over the lake? Is it Lake Como? It is beautiful

                                  3. So happy to learn more about Marsha! The images are stunning, and the gloves are perfection.
                                    Marsha is a very talented designer. I love her jewelry!
                                    Happy Sunday.

                                  4. You know, I'd love to meet you both in person!
                                    I think there would be much laughter amidst the glamour!

                                  5. I loved reading Marsha's answers... just as fabulous as I would imagine... Great post and such a fun idea... xv

                                  6. Love this and love Marsha! I love how she thinks, Sorrento Italy, wine cheese, jetting off to another city with friends, indulging in great movies with your pets at your feet.....someone after my own heart!! She is amazing, talented, and so wonderful. Wishing you both a wondeful Sunday afternoon!

                                  7. Wow! This is fabulous and I love your photos and the jewelry is classic - so pretty. Glad I stopped by and I'll look forward to adding you to my blog roll!


                                  8. What wonderful and educational posts! You have a great eye.....and you can and do explain!

                                    Signing up right away!

                                  9. I enjoy Marsha's blog and it's nice to get to know her better here. Great interview. Love how you mixed the photos in with the questions. I'm lucky to have Marsha's bangle bracelet set and enjoy wearing it.

                                  10. tHAT´S TRUE!!!
                                    Marsha is beyond fantastic and talented woman:-)*
                                    I enjoy her blog everytime,there are so much beauties and style and absolutely great ideas!!!

                                    You made a very,very special,stunning post!!!


                                  11. What a treat to learn a bit more about this fabulous lady! x Sharon