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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Kreative Blogger's Award~Thanks Pondie!

Hello dear friends!!

I have been a bit silent of late...

A culmination of Internet issues, blogger and feedburner being sorted prevented me from reading all my usual favourite blogs and posting! To say that it left a big gaping hole in my days...well..is an understatement of note!!

To top it all, just when things got back to being on line again... The Cape of Storms was at her level best and we have just come out of an all weekend storm that has left much damage in her wake.

What a delightful surprise awaited me when I finally winged my way (with just a click of my mouse) across to the Pacific Northwest to visit a favourite blog  Pondside (click to visit, you will be beguiled)

Honora had passed on the...

...to me!! Wow... I am so honoured~Thank you so much!!
I am a bit late to the meme, of course, but am happy to pass it on with great enthusiasm.

I am to divulge ten things about me that I have not previously mentioned on my blog... Phew..lets see...

1. I am an impulsive cook! The family will enquire at about five in the afternoon as to what's for dinner. Me ..."Dinner...already??"

I will dash downstairs to the fridge and raid the caverns of the larder, line up some forgotten finds and eye them for a few moments. No inspiration seems to strike?? Answer...start chopping an onion and voila!! A lil bit of this and lil bit of that...and dinner is served...
Family will say..."wow that was yum"... and three weeks later ask for the same dish and I will not have a clue as to what I put in it!!!!  So, call me a hit and run cook!

2. Having told you that... I am about to launch another blog to commit to cyber memory such impulsive kitchen capers!
Only problem is that I can not decide on the name...For now, it is  to be called "Tastebud and the Paprika Princess" ~ as paprika is my absolute favourite can't live without spice in the world!

3. I am afraid of water and am not a good swimmer, yet I have been down parts the Orange River in a canoe five times and loved very moment of it!! Even when I was quite the novice and landed the "Christopher Columbus" award for making it across to Namibia first, while everyone else was happily floating down the river!!!  The rapids were not very big (grade 0-3 if I remember correctly) though... and I am not ready to take on the likes of the white water of the Kunene river yet! But, spending the days floating down a river in nothing but your bather for four days, in and out of the canoe, sleeping under the stars and waking up to the call of the fish eagle and  scorpions cluttered around the rocks at your head has tremendous appeal for me!

4. I am in love with this slab of granite!! A day without seeing Table Mountain... somehow just feels incomplete...and yet I am thinking of mowing...?
Nothing says you are home than when the aircraft circles the mountain and you simply can't wait to meet with terra firma and get home!

5. I suspect that my love of the colour terracotta springs forth from being born in a dusty little dot of a  town called Zeerust close to the Botswana Border where I spent my early childhood getting covered in terracotta coloured clay playing by the river!

6. I am a procrastinator of note!! Although I am always busy and on the go!  I have a work plan all drawn up as well as a blogging plan but jump around like a crazy thing and never stick to the plan. So, I need to tell you that I have had a blogging idea and then having revealed it, I am forced to do it... 

A few years back we took our kids on a bit of an amazing race around Europe and it made for some interesting, shall we say, family dynamics... as well as some wonderful memories that I would like to share on my blog!

Such as the magical city of Florence!

7. I am a plant collector. Instead of being a sensible gardener who plants things that grows well in my area ...I fall in love with every leaf that flutters. And have to take it home to convince it to make a new habitat for itself in my garden, hence a fruit salad out my back door!

8. As much as I adore shoes of any kind, and I have quite the collection ranging from pumps to Stilettos (not going to reveal any figures here), my favourite winter footwear consists of my trusty ..um..very well worn and ugly brown hiking boots with thick hiking socks ...blush blush blush! Most embarrassing is that sometimes, I will dash out to the shops, forgetting to change my footwear and only realise when I am in the line waiting to pay for my purchases and notice a perplexed fellow shopper arching an eyebrow at the my choice of footwear. Have you ever tried to hide the feet you are perched upon???

9. I can happily while away an afternoon sitting at a cafe with a latte and my camera and secretly click away at passers by to capture the street fashion....

10. I am busy working on a collection of images that I am hoping to publish as a book called "Postcards in my Rear View Mirror"

The idea for the title came when I was driving my kids to school, as I glanced into my rear view mirror the entire Table Mountain scene was perfectly positioned in the mirror. My heart skipped a beat and I thought..A postcard in my rear view mirror!!
Taking sunset pictures is a national sport with me and I can not get enough!!

I am so honoured that a friend has asked to paint the image below and I can not wait to see it completed!

Now, it is an absolute pleasure to pass on this award to ten bloggers that I enjoy...

1.Sharon from Roses and Rust for indulging my inner Francophile with such aplomb

2.Colette from La Brocanteuse for taking me on dreamy trips through the French countryside to gather and hunt in Brocantes as if I was actually there!!

3.Anita from Castles Crowns and Cottages for indulging me with regular flights of fantasy in the most delicious ways

4.Coty from Styling by Coty Farquhar for the most exquisite inspiration imaginable!

5.Rosemary from Villabarnes for all the amazing painting tutorials

6.The fabulously stylish Sharon from Fashion-isha for keeping me cutting edge stylishly informed and drooling all over my keyboard

7.Wifes with Knives! Every single time I click on this yummy blog I giggle at the name ~ so a smile is a guarantee besides more drooling over the keyboard!

8.Lisa from Privilege for a linguistic feast and sharp humour

9.Teresa at Splendid Sass for compiling fabulous decor posts that has me pinning way past my bedtime!!

10. Paul from The Magical Christmas Wreath Company because I love the way he writes and its de lovely to have  his company!

Please visit some of them for total enjoyment!

All images are my own

Thank you for your company

Live Well