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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Colour My World ~ Blue and Orange

Good morning friends.
It's a chilly Wednesday morn here...

The process of inspiration never ceases to amaze me. You know, where you find inspiration.... sometimes in the oddest of places and sometimes in the most obvious places, inspiration will strike. I was just on a casual meander through Pinterest when I found this piece of fabric...

Quite striking, don't you think? I love the turquoise blue against the orange .... it is so rich and intriguing...

And then, I decided that it was about time to do another of my " Colour my World " posts to explore the combination of Orange and Blue and turquoise ...

As I usually do, I turned to nature  to see what it had to offer. It always offers inspiration, absolutely always...

Let's take a look...

This image of an autumn leaf is just exquisite, rich and rewarding to my eye...as is the pattern of the blue image...gorgeous.

Of course, these images always seem to inspire a mosaic ...
the one image enhances the enjoyment of the other...
...and please note the bird's colours, wonderful, isn't it?
These images fully satisfies my colour craving!

But, before we go shopping and look at rooms dressed in orange and blue and turquoise , we need to dress... in orange and blue of course... would you wear it?
And how about putting hubby into an outfit of blue and orange? Nope, I can't see some of your husbands in an outfit like that! I can just imagine the comments...

I love this clutch and blue outfit together!

It all fits together, fabric and nature...

I often wonder... in the colour spectrum or wheel, where  is the precise point where turquoise ends and blue begins, where does orange end and terracotta start.... I concede, that I am odd!

My only conselation being...that it takes all kinds to make the world go round!

What a luscious image down below...

 Right, enough of that, lets get to the real reason why we are here...Rooms!!

Doesn't the entrance of the home of Mary Mc Donald make your heart beat faster, just like that first piece of fabric which inspired this post?

It's  a bit fuzzy but you get the feeling. I love the blue and white and did you see the peacock on the table? Love that jar in front of the curtain which makes it pop out at the eye. That pair of daybeds ~ wonderful. Love the proportions of this room and  every detail is just perfect!

How about these fiery orange wall? The plush blue velvet looks wonderful against that backdrop and the window back lights everything just nicely.

Just a splash of  orange combined in an eclectic mix of colour and styles. Pops of colour, yet, it is still quite soothing...How cool  that the legs of the orange chair picks up the plates on the wall, did you notice it?

It seems that orange always invokes a bold eclectic  look!

More traditional.

Just the right amount of boldness in the mood board below.

Just a quick peek back in the closet to make sure my blue suede shoes are still in  there...

These images are from the blog Stone Gable and all so gorgeous. Sadly, Yvonne does not blog any longer, but she has left us with loads of inspiration!

I love the shape of these chairs.

Note the ceiling covered in wallpaper!
Now, friends,  I am a bit red faced...in the embarrassed sort of way!!
Here's why...
I was busy uploading images for this post and after a few uploaded, I decided to do a preview to see what the quality was like. I hit the preview button on blogger and it froze, the doorbell rang and I left my computer, frozen, you understand... I got busy somewhere else and my Blackberry Bleeped with an email. My dear friend Marsha from Splenderosa had left me a comment on my post...huh??? What post, she had already commented on the previous post! I checked the message again.... NO!!!!!! It published my unfinished post with spelling errors and half sentences!!! And to top it all, I could not get back into blogger to rescue my errand post, now surfing the www authorised!! Holy moly...
So sorry bout that, but thank you Marsha for your kind comment!! You are a doll!
Here, now, I present the completed post, spell check done, and  hopefully a bit improved on the previous one with better quality images!!
Thank you for your company
Live Well

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  1. Stunningly beautiful, V. I love this !!!

  2. I have never really thoguht of these colors together but it is so beautiful. I love the combation, so vibrant and happy.

  3. You are SO funny. I didn't notice any mis-spelled words and thought the post was lovely. But, I must say, those carrots added the whimsical touch that no post should be complete without. xx's my friend.....

  4. Hello! I am visiting from Tattered Tag. I love the oranges and blues. We learned many years ago that the color Tangerine sparks creativity? It makes the mind active researchers said back then. Loved your post and you sparked some creativity for me. I shall look around here in your blog. Nice to meet you thanks to Tattered Tag.

  5. Luscious colors! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!