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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Newbie Reunion Party and Rooms to View!

Hi Everyone!

We are headed for a huge storm here and on top of that, there is a fire burning on the Tygerberg, near my home and the strong winds are not helping the firefighters at all!

Today I am joining a wonderful lady who helped me to meet many of you in blogland through her Newby Linky Party each Monday.

Debbie from Debbiedoo's is having a Newbie Reunion Party for all of her graduates from the usual Monday Newbie Party. Any reasons for a party and I will be joining them today!

Rooms to View

Today I want to share some rooms with you that I truly enjoy and appreciate. Rooms, that satisfies all my decorating urges and inspires me to learn more, enjoy more and to apply it to my own home.

Most of these rooms have a lot going on and one picture can keep me occupied for a long time as I study every aspect of the room. These rooms have bee richly layered and  each and every one offers a huge amount of viewing pleasure and must deliver an equal amount of pleasure to whom ever is lucky enough to live in them. So, enjoy and stay as long as it pleases you and may there be loads  of oohs and aaahs....

Coco Chanel's Dining Room below is opulent and stylish. That screen alone can keep me captivated for a while!

Are you studying the bookshelves as well?
Now, I would love to see the rest of the room as well!
I heart the globe atop the writing bureau...and what are your thoughts on the rug? I don't know about you....but I am right at home.

Another stunning black screen. Loving the old black telephone, and that chaise and faux fur throw...I was not to in love with the rug but take it away and the room is poorer for it! Loads of visual layers here.

Ralph Lauren... Loads of interest and colours makes a perfectly cosy room.

Well...I guess the iron work has me in raptures, let alone the rest of it.

Oh my goodness... the tapestry is de lovely and all the blue and white, the rug and scones has me in a happy place...

I am still on the architectural detail in the room below... so much to study in here...

Love the leather and the old English club atmosphere...

I know! I have shown you this one before but now please take a closer look and take in the detail....

I hope you enjoyed those and if you have a fav let me know which one it is!

Please remeber to wonder over to Debbiedoo's to meet and greet some of the other blogggers.

A huge thank you to Debbie for especially having one for us old timers!

Live Well



images from Pinterest

Thank you for your company....I am all ears to hear your comments....

Monday, 26 March 2012


Hello dear friends!

I trust you have all had a great Monday. There is no "blog it Forward Series" today. I will resume it in a couple of weeks time with some more specific questions relating to each blogger that I feature. I think that would make it a bit more entertaining.

So, onto another topic for today....

Some of you are celebrating spring whilst we are celebrating autumn down here in the South! Both seasons are a joy to me but most of all I am an autumn person!

I have a few gardens left to share from my spring open garden visits. My photos got mislaid somehow?? No idea how, but I am only to pleased to have them back and to be able to share them with you.

So, lets go for a stroll through  one of my favourite garden, Freshwoods.

Heading up the drive , the air is thick with a heady mix of perfume.

Most of us crazed gardeners race up the driveway, give Barbara a cursory hello, how are you in passing, and quickly scurry to fill our barrows with plants from her amazing collection on sale .   When we come to pay we make up for that passing greeting  and give her a proper salutation, I promise!! With my stash paid for and securely tucked behind a tree with a "DO NOT TOUCH" sign I amble off to be enchanted, yet again...

Freshwoods is part of the annual open gardens in Elgin and I have been visiting it for many many years and each time I am totally beguiled and delighted to explore it a new.


It is a romantic and rambling garden belonging to two wonderfully knowledgeable plants people  who are incredibly hospitable. It also boasts a major collection of heritage and specimen roses. There are many rare trees and shrubs and a few of my favourite garden goodies that I will point out as we stroll.

Freshwoods has received a merit award from the  World Federation of Rose Societies. The trees are dripping with rose garlands in full bloom. It is breathtaking!

The planting combinations are always a delight. I just love the colour combination below, don't you?


One of my annual delights when visiting Freshwoods is of course, the flowering Prunus ~ cherries. Hanging like pendulous plump marshmallows they are my favourite part of this garden. totally gorgeous!!

How beautiful is that?

The rhododendrons especially Maddenias are stunning.

Amazing colour below!


It is an enchanting place for children with all the pathways leading in every direction, tree caves and nooks and crannies to explore.

The Acer collection has grown steadily over the years and is another of my indulgent plant loves.

Roses and Acers! What a magnificent colour combination!

The shapes of the leaves are just as amazing as the colours and the light was captivating...

The visitors were equally charming and colourful!


There is a wonderful woodland walk and the trees are tall!

Yip!, I couldn't resist... I lay down on my back for this one!!

Fabulous foxgloves! Always a winner.

There is a bamboo forest!

Peek through here...do you see the Gunnera?

Magnificent! Isn't it just? I love it!



This was thirsty work....and I was longing for a cup of tea...



Great combination....

In this part of the garden I met the baker of the cakes for tea and after hearing what was on the menu... I found the nearest path back to the homestead!

Sorry it took so long gentleman!! I hope you enjoy this post. The cakes were fab!


There is so much to experience and see in this magnificent garden. I always learn something and always find something new.

I  hope you have enjoyed our little stroll.

Thank you for your company

Live well



All images Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Boudoir Beauty

Good morning all!!

The world outside my window is decidedly grey here in Cape Town. We seem to be veering between summer and winter with everything else thrown in between. Makes wardrobe decisions impossible and my car becomes a second closet with everything that I have to schlep with for the "in case" scenario...

That said,I felt like looking at some boudoirs that would dispel the grey skies and put a bit of bling into the grey...

The definition of a boudoir is literally " a ladies room for sulking in" a bedchamber or private bedroom...

Um ... there will be no sulking below... I have everything I need... a place to sit and make lists of lovely things "to do" write a poem, recline with a pile of magazines and a glass of something chilled...how about some pink champagne to match the chaise? Okay, I will be quiet so you can enjoy...

This is definitely a space that could  put me in a completely altered state of mind from grey skies... my colour palette full filled and I am a princess for a moment...

This one has me puzzled.... I like it but does it fit the space? A bit futuristic or whimsical? Somehow it seems to work and feel dreamy and light. What do you think? Note the ceiling while you are trying to decide...

A cosy pink nook for some daydream believing...

I seem to have a "pink"eye this morning which is totally unusual for me. This is also a calming romantic space to dispel ant grey feelings.

Oh dear heart! Can you imagine falling into this...

What a luscious nook ....
Love the colours!

And of course, a favourite image of mine below... totally gorgeous and makes me happy blissed and wanting to recreate it for myself!

I have banished the grey skies.... mostly with pinks it seems... but a change is also good for us.

This coming Monday I will not be having my usual "Blog it Forward " series  as I am setting some new questions which I feel should be more specific to each blogger. So I will resume it as soon as I  have it done.

Some of you have asked  that I please answer the questions, but that seems a bit self indulgent?!... I will give it some thought and maybe combine it with another post to make it more acceptable to me...lol! Sorry...

Have a great day

Thanks for your company

Lets Recline and decorate a boudoir..not for sulking but for....?

You tell me!

Live Well



I am all ears....now, what to wear!!!