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Friday, 24 February 2012

A Few Fabulous Finds for Friday!

Hello everyone!

Its a fabulous Friday in Cape Town and I thought that I would just share a few fab images to get you into the mood for the weekend!

From the fabulous blog La Brocanteuse. The tapestry has me in raptures!! The colours are amazing...

Love Love the vignette on the table as well...

Also from La Brocanteuse..love the chair...and the colours!

From: Splenderosa

Dreamily romantic...

Love the weathered leather and the composition of this room.


Just a sigh of contentment at the viewing pleasure...

Restoration Hardware
Sofa sofa sofa...
walls... lights...pictures...
What's not to love?
A sofa to live on, I might never leave it!

Stylish from Splenderosa

Wouldn't you like to sit there whilst reading this post?
Shabby Chic Mania

Totally lovestruck!

I so enjoyed doing this mosaic for my own post ...Colour My World ~ Blue and Orange

Loved this post from Chic Coastal Living.
Architechtural pleasures...

Oh...yes please!! I'll pour the wine..
Also Chic Coastal Living

Conspicuous Style

Gorgeous wine cellar and tasting room... can we overnight, do you think?

I'm lost in.....here somewhere...

....and, I am sorry but I will be busy for a while....

So I bid you farewell until Monday...

Have a fab weekend

Thanks for your company

Live Well



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  1. Dearest Veronica,

    I LOVE ALL THESE PHOTOS, but that scene by the beach/water....oh dear, that catches my eye on this chilly but every so near SPRING morning.

    THANK YOU FOR VISITING and dearest, I am glad that my post was just a part of what I hope will continue to be a PERFECT DAY for you, after a not-so-good day; I have had several of those this week alone, at work. But coming home to my husband and abode and friends means the world to me.

    Enjoy your day, Anita

  2. Love, love, love your stunning blue and orange mosaic! You posted some gorgeous images and I'm hoping to get lost in one of those wine cellers tonight with some friends!

    Happy Friday!

  3. What beautiful images. Makes me want to redo my entire house! That wine cellar and outdoor setting are just amazing.

  4. Beautiful images. I think i will join Debra in that wonderful wine cellar with friends.

  5. Great pictures. I wish I was sitting at that table overlooking the water about to tuck into that delicious meal. Wishing you a wonderful weekend. x Sharon

  6. What gorgeous images to start my weekend. Love the romantic image from Splenderosa!!

  7. Oh my , how did I miss this post?! Thank you for sharing the first two images from my blog, so kind of you.
    This year is speeding past,cannot believe we are already planning mid year break and after that it is countdown
    to end of the year events, love Colette x