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Monday, 5 September 2011

A freestanding fantasy...

Good Morning Everybody! How are you doing? We are having a cold spell here and all I want to do is bliss out in a warm bath.  Well, I was just going to hop into my suburban tub, top it up with warm water and some bubbles and relax to the max when I spotted a better option. Much better in fact... take a look and please keep your clothes on....someone might be watching...

A masculine bathroom with a magnificent backdrop mixing the traditional with high tech chairs. Of course the bath itself is a master piece and I just adore the tiles and the colours.


A more feminine  and romantic version of the one above. Close your eyes in your own petite chateau...   Total bliss...

You want more... well how about this one?

Isn't the colours just amazing!

I am moving in and never leaving ever again!
Take a look at the light fitting. It's like a piece of art. I am in total heaven here and can not stop swooning.
Talk about perfection!


The art alone has me gasping in delight....


Rustique elegance.


How very romantic...


How about a walk in wardrobe with a bath?


A copper bath is my ultimate fantasy....

I feel warm and glowy even before my toe touches the warm water...

Those doors are absolutely gorgeous used here as a screen.



I had to include this one. Besides the stunning mirror it represents so completely my signature colour palette.



Are you looking at that mirror?

And the wall paper?

...and of course the bath!

Twin tubs...

A blogger friend spent her honeymoon night in this very one... not the whole night, I guess...now ...now...behave please...

You wanna go to... Plettenberg Bay...doll!

I am getting all pruny, so I am getting outta de tub now!

If you want to continue the reverie just hop onto the bed below and float away...

Dreamy. isn't it just....

When you dock again leave me a comment please...

Happy dreaming ...



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  1. Gorgeous...you are confusing my thought process with all these dreamy bathrooms...I want them all!.....And where is that romantic place in Plett??
    A beautiful post
    Shel xx

  2. The copper is definitely my favorite, followed by the twin tubs....but I'll happily take any of those rooms. Where do I sign??? :)

  3. Beautiful, dreamy images. I really must have the very first one...Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh my good ness,all those lovely baths. I prefer the last one, so dreamy. NO copper for me, I would think I had to polish all the time and if I don't polish it gets green. Not that I am the good housewife but I hid all my copper for that. LOL
    Have a great day.

  5. HI Veronica! Oh, give me a copper tub!! Gorgeous bathrooms and your post makes me a tad jealous since I have a 1970s bathroom! :)
    Thanks so much for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  6. Hi Veronica. Wow! Beautiful bathrooms, rustique
    elegance for me...stunning. I just love the black and white tiled floor to.
    Have a good week.

  7. Wow! I am way overdue for a good bath. What a great post! Love it! Thank you for linking up today, Veronica!

  8. I could spend days dreaming in all those beautiful bathtubs. Then again I might look like a prune. I think I would risk it. :-)
    The twin tubs are just the sweetest.


  9. All of those tubs were fabulous! Thanks for the inspiration and beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing with my newbie party.

  10. Oh my goodness - I might just have to run in and full the tub after this post. I love my bath tub - it's enormous and tucked into a bay window - I won't be trading it for anything!

  11. #9 with that incredible mirror is my favorite! All are gorgeous.


  12. Great pictures making up a fantastic mosaic. Funny this is actually a fantasy of mine...a big deep soaking tub!

  13. Have mercy on us, woman...*dream dream
    These are all just wonderful.

  14. Thanks for stopping by. I have always wanted a claw foot tub....I always take baths...so I definately look at different tubs...you found some beauties!!

  15. Love freestanding tubs and these are so beautiful! So enjoyed your visit!

  16. Veronica, you just brought back a childhood memory for me from long, LONG ago! I grew up with a very similar bathtub...deep, cast iron with claw feet. You could fill it up to your chin & soak for an hour without it cooling off.
    I wish someone had the sense to have saved it for future generations. Like many of the things I remember, they would be so special now.'

    Thank you for taking me on a trip back in time.

  17. What a darling post...they are all amazing.
    Thank you for sharing. Bobbie

  18. Hello Veronica! Gosh it will be hard to decide which tub to make mine ....Perhaps one can do "tub hopping"!? XOXO COL

  19. Mmm my heart just melted looking at all those cozy tubs! If only my lottery numbers would match up just once then I'd have one! lol

  20. Oh my! Now I will hate cleaning my very pedestrian bath tub even more than usual... ;) Thanks for sharing at MM> :)

  21. Rooms full of fantasy bathrooms, heaven on earth.. I could feel quite comfortable in any of them. :-)) hugs ~lynne~

  22. Amazing, I'm all relaxed now! thanks

  23. Fabulous images....I just love a good soak! I can only imagine in any one of these.

  24. I have just been reading a few of your previous posts and just had to comment on this one...how did I miss it? I just love these gorgeous bathrooms and am dreaming of having a bathroom as lovely as one of those one day!

    Hope the weather gets better for you soon. It has been miserable and cold here too. I wish Spring would hurry up and arrive!

    Best wishes,

  25. *SWOON.....ING*!! So many dreamy bathrooms! I hope you don't mind I added some to my pinterest? Vanna