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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Blog it Forward Series 2 ~ Conspicuous Style Blog

Good Monday Morning to you!

I hope you had a relaxing weekend...

Last Monday I started my new series, Blog it Forward, and it was a huge amount of fun and I had a great response. In fact, I was overwhelmed...

Today, we have another great blog and blogger joining us.

Welcome to Stacy from Conspicuous Style Blog.

I love the slogan she has in her blog header...

"Great style should never go unseen..."

And, I think this sums up the lady and her blog perfectly!

I will include the link to her blog at the end of the post.

She covers such a wonderful variety of styles in her blog posts that this is the blog where I pin up a storm on my Pinterest boards!!

Stacy is a former attorney turned interior decorator and what a great move that was judging by her blog and own home...

Before we get started, I have to first show you her master bedroom....

Sorry Stacy, I couldn't wait!!

Top of the glamour charts, wouldn't you say?

So here goes...enjoy!

Over to Stacy...

1.      How do you pamper your soul?

I spend time alone when I can.  I am busy - working, blogging, taking care of kids, doing hours of homework with them, cooking, etc. - so when I get a chance to be totally alone, I take it.  This is one of the reasons I don’t sleep a lot - I stay up really late to have my own quiet time to think, wind down, plan, and pamper my soul.

By the way, friends, how this works... I sent Stacy twenty random questions to answer, and then I kept the best bit for myself!!! I could select some images from her blog.... Boy, did I have a hard time choosing. I now have the huge file of pics on my computer that I will be drooling over, the next few days.

Just look at those two console tables and mirrors ... completely dreamy...

2.      Name three things on your bucket list that you would like to do or that you have done.

The first was to stop practising law and start a design business, which I did. That was very scary, and I’m proud that I did it.  The other two are things I haven’t done yet: Travel in Europe, and build my dream house from the ground up. The third may never happen, but it can’t hurt to dream!

This is a tub that has been on my dream bathroom list for yonks now! I adore the copper. How cool is that foot?

3.      What is on your bed side table?

My bedside table is 60” long because the room is so wide. So, really its a console table. I have a chair at it and use it as a makeup table, too. On it now are a lamp, my iPad (I’m an avid reader, and I use the IPad every night for hours of reading), a makeup mirror, perfumes, and about 15 design magazines that I will get to some day!

You can read all about Stacy's Master Bedroom here

4.      If you were a drink what would you be?

I think something really girly, like a cosmo or other pink cocktail. I’m proud that I’m strong and can do a lot myself (like light carpentry, moving furniture, etc.), but at heart I’m a girly girl. I love my makeup and high heels!

5.      Secret indulgence?

Taking a nap when I can. As I mentioned above, I sleep very little, and it catches up with me sometimes. I think naps are the ultimate luxury!

I want to snuggle here with that luxe throw, below...

Pure Bliss...

6.      Favourite décor shop?

I have to say Home Goods. I would love to be able to shop exclusively at Mecox Gardens or Layle Grayce, but realistically, I get most things on discount, and do love finding a deal.

7.      Your favourite magazines

Traditional Home, House Beautiful, Elle Decor, Home & Design, and Veranda. I so miss Lonny and Southern Accents (sniff sniff).

8.      Please tell us which city you live in and then which is your dream destination

I live outside of Boston now, and my dream destination is Paris. Although I was scheduled to go to Europe twice, both trips fell through, and I’ve never been at all. It would be a huge regret if I never get there, so it is at the top of the “must-do” list.

9.      What makes you laugh?

The Bloggess, The Bearded Iris (two lifestyle/comedy blogs), and Modern Family.  I’m not a great joke teller, but I find humour in a lot of things. Oh, and my 11 year old cracks me up :)

I love this room above..my favourite palette.

10.   Sweet intoxication…what does this phrase evoke in your mind?

Being totally and completely happy, at peace, and doing something you love, preferably as a surprise.  Like an unexpected trip to Europe (hint hint husband)

11.   Any hidden talents?

I can paint a little. I don’t do it much any more because I don’t have time, but I taught myself to do oil painting and did a couple that were actually pretty good. When I see them in my parent’s house now, I get surprised that I actually did them myself! I also painted a huge mural for my kids that turned out well.  That’s probably my only hidden talent, but I am glad I can do it and hope to go back to it someday.

What a wonderful hidden talent, I deeply admire people who can paint...

12.   Your signature dish in the kitchen?

Stacy's gorgeous kitchen. This lady goes glam everywhere...

Chicken Picatta. It’s so easy, but everyone in my house loves it. I just pound whole breasts really thin, coat them with milk, egg, and panko crumbs, then fry them in light oil. I add lemon and white wine at the end. I’m sure there are much more complicated recipes out there, but we love this one.

Can I please eat your Chicken Picatta at this table, please Stacy? Yum...

13.   What does luxury mean to you?

Having the time and resources to follow your dreams, and to be able to do the things you want with the people you love.

14.   If I was to make a movie about you, who should I cast to play you?

This was the hardest question for me. I think it would have to be Elizabeth Shue.  She has that sort of “real” look about her, and she is my age. Of course she’s gorgeous, but I think without makeup she could look like an every day person (like I do). And she seems to be down to earth and just “normal.”

I asked Stacy this question, but if I had to cast someone, I would just cast her as herself. Wait until you hop over to her blog and see her beautiful smiley face greet you! Then you will nod in approval!

I loved the post that Stacy did on Philip Starck. Pure indulgence...

15.   I am giving you one day off from all of your daily responsibilities…what will you do?

Sleep, read, meet my husband for lunch, take the kids to the movies or the beach after school, and go out to dinner at a great restaurant with my whole family.

I love this dreamy image of Stacy's lovely home...

16.   Summer evenings are for…

Cherishing not having to do homework with kids! Making the most of the free time together. Being outside and enjoying nature and each other.  Cooking  outside, running around in the dark. Catching fireflies (my favourite thing when I was a child).

17.   Your favourite gadget or appliance?

My iPad. It’s changed the way I read, watch TV and do business. I don’t think the device is perfect, but I can’t imagine not having a tablet computer of some sort. It is especially handy when I have to be on the real computer working, and my son has computer homework. He’s too young for his own computer, so he uses the iPad. There are so many good websites for kids now (IXL for math, Ticket To Read for reading), and I often need to be using the computer after school, so I’m glad the kids can use the iPad to go to these sites.

18.   What influences your style?

Other designers and bloggers. Seeing something I truly love (something new and creative) is what motivates me and inspires me to change things and make them better in my own home.

Have a look here at how Stacy redid this 1930's Secretary Desk!

By the way folks, cast your eyes down to that floor....Love!

19.   Shoes or handbag?

Both. I can’t pick one, sorry!! I love them both so much. In my dream world, Gucci and Louboutin.

Sigh....! Dream world indeed...

Swooning over that trio of urns above!

20.   The best part of your day is…

When my kids get off the bus and come running to me. The oldest, at 11 years old, still runs to me, and it totally warms my heart and makes a bad day good in a heartbeat.

To Visit Stacy's gorgeous blog please CLICK HERE
And Enjoy ...

I would like to thank Stacy for taking time out of her very busy schedule to participate in my series. It has been great getting to know her  and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I have.

I hope you will make her blog a regular stopover and of course pinning destination!! Be warned...have time on your hands...

I found this at the end of one of her posts...

Thank you so much for your company

Live well



All the images are from Conspicuous Style Blog

Please leave me with your comments down below. I love hearing from you....I am all ears...

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  1. You shared some lovely images , thank you. will hop over to Stacy's blog and visit her. yes we girls must get together , I know I promissed..let's wait till it cools down a bit...I am one of those people that really don't function well in heat ... unless we meet in France, now wouldn't that be fun!!!
    Have a gorgeous week
    Colette x

  2. Veronica! This was such a fun guest post to participate in....how you add the photos and commments makes it so much fun. And I'm completely overwhelmed by the nice things you said about me. You are too kind, and it means so much to me. Thank you so much for the comments, and especially for letting me be here today. I am so honored!
    xo Stacy

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