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Tuesday, 28 February 2012

I've BeenTagged!

Hi everyone.

Welcome back to old friends and a big warm welcome to any new readers, peeps and followers. It is an honour and a great pleasure to have you tag along my lil dot of the universe.

Remember the game tagged that we played as kids?
Well, I have been tagged by Tina from the The Enchanted Home (click to view the post in which she was tagged...so cool to get to know her). She set the questions for the next
eleven bloggers which she tagged. What fun and  I am delighted to have been tagged.

So here goes, Tina's questions and my answers...

1.  Do you have a hobby? Tell me about it, if not tell me a hobby you wish you had!

I have a wide range of interests so...

I am an avid gardener and lie awake at night dreaming up planting combinations!!

Below is a few pics from my garden...


I am also trying to get to known my camera better and am developing a strong interest in photography and of course, living in Cape Town, there is a never ending source of inspiration.

Blogging has become a large part of my life and I am looking forward to doing more on my blog about Cape Town.

I love love food and wine and so cooking and visiting wine estates is high on my "to do " list.

And, I also have an insatiable addiction to magazines....sshhh. I have ones dating back to the year dot and they all get filed in seasons  for ease of reference. Any known cure?

2. Whats worse, failing at something or never trying to begin with?
Are you ever truly successful if you haven't failed and have had to start over and make it work! Failure is the birthplace of solutions to succeed, so try and try and try again. I love the way singer Cher says..."you can always say... I shouldn't have done that" I think its worse to say I should have done it ... I have always told my kids that its best to take part, you don't always have to win, but as long as you take part and try.

3. Would you rather be a great cook or a great designer?

Oh no! You can't ask me that... I love both...I wanna be both, please... I won't be able to design anything worth while if I don't have something fab to eat and drink..

The Table is Life!!

4. If you could only have two rooms in your house which would they be?

The Kitchen , of course!!!

and....my formal lounge, where I usually sneak away to with a magazine and my cup of tea....

5. Tell me which 2 famous people you would choose to have dinner with (dead or alive)

Desmond Tutu and The Dalai Lama
What a feast for my soul and what a great laugh I will have with those two pals  at the same table!

6. What are four descriptive words that describe you well?

Gosh, this is not easy....um...

compassionate, hospitable,  motherly, humorous...

My son said...just!

7. Best book or two that you read in the last year?

Roots by Alex Hailey... I just had to  re read it again... and The Night Jasmine Man by David Lambkin

8. What do you miss most about being a kid?

Brown paper packages with treats that I got from my gran.

9. If you had a freaky Friday experience and had to trade places with one person for one day, who would it be? Why that person?

Goodness me, there are a few options...ummm.... I would love to be James Bond... not to drink martinis, but to jump out of aeroplanes, drive in ridiculously fast cars, deep sea dive, ski, cruise on a yacht all in the space of a day. Oh and to play with all those amazing gadgets...Best to keep the emergency services on speed dial!!
Perhaps, Christiane Amanpour is a better option, I deeply admire her spunk and would love to throw some tricky questions at a few politicians and watch them squirm!

10. Describe a perfect day for you from morning till evening.....

Stumble out of bed, kettle on, fling open the patio door and greet the birds while I wait for the kettle to boil. Enjoy my first cuppa in my pj's and listen to the birds and have my quiet time.

Take myself and my very large basket off to the Neighbour Goods Market and stock up on fresh tuna, vegetables, cheeses, preserves, bread , wine , etc. Camera in hand to snap the parade of people and food. Stop of at the bookstore and stock up on all the wonderful overseas design magazines ( which are too expensive to buy here :(  )

Home with my bounty...

Lay out a cheese and fruit board for lunch next to the pool.

Place myself firmly in a lounger with my notebook and tags, yes I know it is weird, but that is how I read magazines!!
Camera within reach to shoot the birds if they venture close enough and slowly work my way through all that eye candy.

Long candle lit bath and cocktails at The Grande on Granger Bay...

Dinner will be sushi at Sevruga's in the Waterfront and then some Jazz at The Green Dolphin...

A walk on the beach

Home and my soft possessive duvet.....

11. A place in the world you have never been that you would love to go......

The beautiful city of Prague please. I would be seriously snap happy with my Canon there!

Now for the fun bit... I get to tag 11 other bloggers to pass this onto...

Trinidad, Martin and Johan from Atelier De Campagne
Annie from Plum Siena
Glenda from The Paper Mulberry
Shel from Just Me Shel
Carolyn from Desire Empire
Cathy from Wives with Knives Don't you just love the name !!!?)

Put on the kettle and have a cuppa... whilst you give my questions some thought...

And my new set of questions... have fun!

1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?

2. What City / Town do you live in and if I came to visit where would you take me?

3. Your favourite spot to relax in your home or garden?

4. If you could only plant two types of plants in your garden, what will they be?

5. Your favourite dish to cook and the favourite to eat?

6. What is currently top of your wish list for your home... to buy?

7. If your life was a book, the title would be...

8. The best therapy  is....

9. One place you are longing to visit?

10. Most people would agree that I  ( as in you) am...

11. Most romantic movie you have seen and would like to play the lead in?

Thank you for your company

Live Well



Lets chat below in the comment box...
I am all ears...

All images from my home and garden


  1. What lovely post and how delightful to find out we were included! Thank you Veronica! I will most certainly talk to my team and see how we can jump into this tag game. Lovely!

    Trinidad and Team

  2. Aaww- Thanks, Veronica!

    You make it seem so easy- to answer these personal questions with excitement and flair.
    I'll need to step out of my comfort zone, I see...

  3. Always so much fun to read and learn more about other bloggers!

    Enjoy your day!

  4. Thank you so much darling, now I just have to figure out how to do this.. copy and paste questions with pictures???? Please forgive me for being so far behind on all on correspondence... when do I post the tag? Is there any certain day??? hugs ~lynne~

  5. Veronica I loved learning more about you! Dang I wish I had that green thumb of yours! I've also been longing to go to Prague! You did answer those questions with so much ease and grace....My answers are going to sound so gauche in comparrison lol! But I'll give it a try....Thank you for choosing me! Vanna

  6. P.S. Girl those are some beautiful pictures! V

  7. Veronica, your home and garden look sooo beautiful, and it was fun to read your answers!
    I tried to answer them right along, for myself--what fun! (--my "therapy" is a good flea market!)
    I smiled to see your white metal urn--I looked up to see my own exact urn several times, with what is left of the Christmas amaryllis!

  8. Veronica. You described yourself so well - exactly the way I got to know you. What a pleasure to have you as a friend. You often encourages me - like the wonderful leg of lamb salad you presented to the four of us recently. Unbelievable! Thank you for opening a new world to me by pulling me along to see some of the wonderful gardens around Cape Town. Linda xx