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Monday, 2 July 2012

My Fabulously Talented Friends are Bloomin Marvelous!!

Hi everyone!!

Monday morning is a bit bleak over here.... and let me tell you, it's a fine art to negotiate my morning release from my new and very possessive feather down duvet! It takes around an hour of pleading, coaxing and fine negotiation to be released at 05:30 on a rainy and freezing morning, to get down the stairs , put the kettle on and rouse the household for departure by 7am!!!

I make the morning tea and after I complete my delivery rounds and yank off other's possessive duvets....um ... I nip back under my new feathery best friend to sip my warm encouragement.  This morning was an  exception, as the students are on holiday and I could linger longer and wave my a.m. call away... well for about ten minutes until my tastebuds enquired after morning tea...sigh..it's a no win!!!

In the last week I have had such a fabulous treat in the mornings. As I race down the stairs I am assailed by a wonderful fragrance wafting up from down stairs.... take a peek ...

Polianthus....or tuberoses as many refer to them, have the most heavenly fragrance. Enough for me to stop on the landing, mid race and draw in a huge breath of fragrance....enough to get high on!!! Well, on my empty stomach...you understand?

They have been combined with these beautiful two toned roses and some delicate green Euphorbias... and this is what it looks like....

No, it's not my birthday  (thank heavens!) and no, I did nothing of importance what so ever... but you see I have some fabulous friends....the kind who pop on by to borrow two urns for their flower arranging class and the next time they knock on the door ... this is  what I am presented with...

Gorgeous, isn't it... and the fragrance is just divine....

You will recognise my urn! It has never looked this fab, trust me!

I love the way Linda picked up the colour of the urn with the flowers she used, the cream of the polianthus is perfect with the orange and cream two tone roses and the lime green of the euphorbia is just delicate perfection!

Well that arrangement was from my one friend, Linda!
I placed this beauty in my formal lounge as it seemed tailor made for it...have a look....agree??

Gasping in delight and I wish you guys could smell it!!

As if that was not a treat in itself, this followed hot on its heels...

This was my other urn which landed in the talented hands of Ellen-Maud...

It is much larger and more rustic urn than the cream one which Linda used and boy oh boy did Ellen-Maud give it the treatment....

Take a look....

Impressive and totally.... wow!
 I placed this one on my entrance hall table and gasping was the order of the day when visitors arrived...

I love the flamboyant whirls of the cycad on either side!!

She filled it with proteas, banksias, leucadendrons, ericas, etc.... quite exquisite and it suited the urn perfectly!

Love love the protea and banksia's colour!

The delicate ericas gave it so much depth and character... just amazing!!

The colours textures and fragrance was just overwhelming....

Can you imagine my face???

I was totally overwhelmed by their loving gesture. Determined not to cry I shut the door when they left and what do you think I did???

Here are both arrangements alongside each other at the garden club meeting...

I have been enjoying their beauty for two weeks and I feel like a princess every time I look at them.


You are both flowers that bloom in my life daily with your generous spirit of love and encouragement not to mention that aside from amazing gestures like this one, you always seem to come bearing gifts!!

Love you to bits!

I am truly blessed!

I have been well and truly spoilt, I am sure you will agree!!

And, you will agree with me that my fabulous friends are bloomin marvellous... quite literally!!

Live Well and thank you for your precious company



Images: Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

You may leave your gasps in the comment box below... I am all ears...


  1. Hello Veronica

    Your surprise gifts from Ellen Maud and Linda are truly spectacular. They flowers look like they were purposefully selected for your decor.
    Your home is beautiful too

    Thanks for sharing

    Helen xx

  2. You really do have such wonderful friends to send you such gorgeous flowers. Tuberoses is my all-time favorite flower so I know how wonderful it smells. Friends are so special aren't they?

    Enjoy this gorgeous day!

  3. Good afternoon lovely lady, WOW!! Stunning arrangements what wonderful friends. Beautifully places in your lovely home. As for getting out from under that duvet at 5.30 am are you crazy woman! Nooo !!! Far too early.
    Thank you for your lovely visit to my blog I am pleased to say I have completed my studies and passed with a merit!! Not bad for this old bird!
    Hugs Sue x

  4. What beautiful arrangements! You are, indeed, blessed with wonderful friends (talented too!) I'd be tempted to have a tea party, a dinner party - do all my entertaining!) while I had those arrangements in the house!

  5. I join the others in gasping! They are truly gorgeous. I like having two or more parties back to back because with everything decorated and lots of fresh flowers it seems a shame to waste them on only one party!
    I'm very partial to proteas. They were quite uncommon here in 1964, when I was married. My florist had just received some from South Africa and asked if I would like them for the mothers. Naturally I said yes and more for reception arrangements if possible. She had more and so they were much admired by all the guests.
    You are very fortunate to have such dear friends.
    Happy July

  6. So glad you enjoyed the flowers. Thanks for the urn which inspired me to use the different colours. You are a special "vriendin". Thanks for everything I learn from you. Love and best wishes. Linda

  7. Friends and flowers- two of the best things in life! Wishing you a lovely day. X Sharon

  8. Gasp is right, gorgeous arrangements. Wonderful friends.

  9. Gorgeous, you lucky bunny. I LOVE tuberose. For many years Diptyque's Tuberose candle wasone of the few scents I would have in the house.
    I'd encourage them to borrow the urns more regularly...like weekly:)