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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Montpelier ~ Franschoek

Hi Everyone!

It's the weekend and for many of us the garden chores winks ... some of us give an audible sigh of pleasure...all together now...sigh...

..... and others will utter a grunt of displeasure at the prospect of running up and down with the mower!

Which ever group you fall into, I give you permission to take a break with a cuppa and find some inspiration, and then perhaps it will be a tad easier to push that mower....

I was cleaning my PC up and have found my lost photos from all my spring garden visits, that somehow got lost in geek translation inc! Do not ask how... I absolutely have got,  not the slightest incling, how it happened!

Happiness is ....finding them, and now I can post them and you can just imagine that it is spring, okay?

This is Montpelier in the picturesque valley of Franschoek. It is situated up against the mountain on a rocky outcrop and blends in perfectly with it surroundings. The Tuscan style of the house and the Mediterranean feel of the garden is timeless.
I am in love with the wall treatment, the tiles, the rock, the colours and the view...

I have visited this garden a few times and always find something new.


Succulents and plants nestle in nooks and crannies in between rocks.

Montpelier is in a totally different style to all the other garden that I usually visit in Franschoek during our open garden program. There is much to learn her from the layered planting and the use of succulents, aloes and indigenous plantings. I love the sculpted feeling of these plants set off to perfection against the rocks!

Lantern love!

Have a look how it all blends into the mountainside. I love the textures and colours.

Genius in the herb garden...

Let's sit a while... note the mills mounted on the wall.


Most of you will know that I am an urn addict! These are divine, don't you think?


Details in the herb garden.

Bird life abound in the garden and there is also some baboons, buck and there has even been sightings of a cat with spots!!! Seriously friends...there have been leopard sightings. Imagine, nature's pure theatre from your kitchen window....Can anything top that in your day?

Walking up the  side of the house with the view to the top.


It was a cold and rainy day when I visited.

The views of the valley...

A pool with a view...

It's wonderful how the rocks add another dimention and the textures are enchanced.

Sculpted beauty...

A feast for the eyes and senses. A wonderful fragrance pervaded the air as I headed down the stairs.

All this beauty is just a stone's throw from Cape Town...
The slice of rock below holds all the colours that I so adore and which is my natural colour palette.

I hope you enjoyed our visit to Montpelier.

Thank you for your company.

Live Well and have a great weekend



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  1. These pictures are awesome! Looks like a place I would like to visit as well. Have a great weekend.

  2. You have now definitely inspired me to go back into my garden. Beautiful photos. This garden is a must to visit. You have an amazing way of capturing each plant. Thought I need to do the garden route this weekend. First the back route and then the front route!!!! Have a lovely weekend. Linda

  3. I have so enjoyed joining you on your tour of Montpellier. Although we saw much of the same and captured those aspects that most stood out for each of us, I am enthralled by your photographic eye and the loveliness of your composition. You have allowed me to revisit this beautiful garden as though I really were right there, today, all over again. Not only a stunning tribute to what you saw, but also to your incredible talent, Veronica! Thank you and I'm so pleased these were not lost forever. That would have been a great shame!

  4. AMAZING Veronica!!!! Makes me want to jump on a plane right now....just beautiful, the picture of the view of the valley literally took my breath away!

  5. Thank you Veronica for sharing these gorgeous inspiring images with us.
    I missed out on the Franschoek gardens last year, will not sit out this time round!
    have a lovely Sunday, Colette x

  6. Thanks for joining us at Friendship Friday - I SO enjoyed your beautiful photos! I hope you'll join us again and share your thoughts on our weekly question!


  7. This garden is magnificent - right up my alley! I have never been there and clearly need to rectify that! I am saving many of these images in my garden inspiration file! Happy Sunday x Sharon

  8. This garden is fabulous. There is so much inspiration in it which is right up my alley. I will definitely need to visit it in person. x Sharon PS I finally got around to updating my sidebar and have added your lovely blog. Long overdue - I'm sorry!