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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Blog it Forward Series ~ Pondside

Good Evening friends!

I'm just recovering from a lazy Sunday and what better way than in blogland, catching up with my favourite "clicks"...

I have a lovely place to show you!

Come, take a look....

Hmmmm... I thought that you might like it!! It looks so peaceful and idyllic and it is home to my guest for today, Honora from the lovely blog, Pondside. Or , Pondie as many of us call them together...the blog and Honora.

I came across her lovely blog when I learnt all about linky parties and how to meet fellow bloggers and I found her at Mosaic Monday at Mary's  Dear Little Red House.

Pondie tells us all about the charming place she calls home, between the ponds, in the Pacific North West, Canada. I adore reading her blog as she has the ability to use words to create a rich and intriguing mosaic without using a single picture! A rare talent indeed, and one that I would be prepared to put on my bucket list to acquire!!

Henry having a dip! I'm totally envious of dear Henry...

For those who have not been following my "Blog it Forward Series", this is how it works. I am featuring bloggers and blogs that I enjoy  and have helped me in my blogging journey. I sent Pondie twenty random questions to answer and then I get to add the images or links that I have enjoyed on her blog. So, dear friends, lets chat to Pondie and get to know her a bit better. I will provide the link to her blog at the end of the post, but there is bound to be other links included to posts, so please visit and enjoy.

Twenty Random Questions: Honora

1. How do you pamper your soul?

I walk in all weather, alone or with my walking friend.  We walk in silence and I find that at the end of the walk I’m restored – filled up from looking at the beauty of nature.

Read the post  Walking on February Sunshine here

2. Name three things on your bucket list that you would like to do or that you have done.

1. Visit St Petersburg (I did that!)

2.  Write an inspirational day book.

3.  Learn to sail.

I will place my order for that Inspirational book right away. I so enjoyed this poem "Looking for a Sunbeam" click here.

Also... I love hearing that someone did something on their list already...

3. What is on your bed side table?

There’s a stack of books and a stack of magazines (it’s a fair sized parlour table).  Currently I’m reading Lady Almira – and The Real Downtown Abbey. The lamp is one from my great-grandmother.  I put my earrings in a little dish that was sent to me by a lovely blogger.  Beside the dish is a bottle of lavender spray.

It looks like we all have a pile of magazines and books next to our beds...
Take a look at the magical little scene below...since we don't see snow in this part of the world, well, not up close and personal like this, I am thoroughly enchanted by it...

Oh yes, this little scene above, reminded me of a story that I had read on Honora's blog a while back and I went looking for it. This is one that will warm your heart and of course I was captivated by the whole journey through the storm and I would have been a nervous wreck for sure!! Read all about it here.

4. If you were a drink what would you be?

A Tea Martini.  It seems cosy and comforting but if you’re not careful it will put you flat on the floor.

A Tea Martini?? It sounds so innocent, then?


5. Secret indulgence?

Regular professional pedicures – pure luxury!...and time alone in my own house.

6. Favourite décor shop?

Chintz and Company, in Victoria

7. Your favourite magazines

Vanity Fair, Country Living (UK)

8. Please tell us which city you live in and then which is your dream destination

I live in the country near Victoria, British Columbia.  I’d love to live in Brussels.

9. What makes you laugh?

My grandsons make me laugh.  When I need a belly laugh I watch Peter Sellers in The Party, or the craziness of Best In Show.

That line from The Pink Panther, (I think... ) about the "dug" (dog) always has me in stitches....actually Peter Sellers's face is enough....for a giggle...honestly!

10.              Sweet intoxication…what does this phrase evoke in your mind?

The smell of a just-bathed baby.

11.              Any hidden talents?

Baton twirling – singing in the mass in Aramaic

12.              Your signature dish in the kitchen?

Whatever I love at the moment – today it’s roast chicken stuffed with orange.

Yum...beam me on up....please, I will do the dishes...

13.              What does luxury mean to you?

Having the health, the time and the means to follow one’s dreams.

14.              If I was to make a movie about you, who should I cast to play you?

Meryl Streep – she can do anyone!

I totally agree...she is just amazing! What are we wearing to collect our Oscar, Pondie?

15.              I am giving you one day off from all of your daily responsibilities…what will you do?

Read two papers while drinking wonderful coffee – then a long hot bath, followed by a walk, a massage and a stretch-out on the couch with a book….until I sleep in a patch of sunshine.

16.              Summer evenings are for…sitting beside the ponds and watching the bats swoop against the moonlit sky.

It sounds...just magical...

17.              Your favourite gadget or appliance?

An amazing thingy that pulls weeds and dandelions from the lawn without the need for me to involve my hands.

18.              What influences your style?

What I read, what I see – some art…my kitchen is inspired by a Matisse painting.  In truth, though, I’d have to say that a huge influence was a dear old lady whose carriage house I rented for nearly four years.  I now realise that I studied her homes (there were three) and took in a great deal about colour and placement.

Read about Pondie's kitchen here

19.              Shoes or handbag?

Shoes.  I will never admit to the real number in my closet – but I’d happily carry a backpack everywhere.

A gal needs her secrets....

20.              The best part of your day is…

Getting into bed, between cool, crisp sheets, beside my sweet husband.  After all these years, the end of the day is still the best.

Please do visit Pondside  (please click)  you will be captivated and on many occasions be regaled by  wonderful tales of daily life besides the ponds in Honora's rich and layered  linguistic  tapestry  of life ...

Oh yes, by the way... Pondie also inspired this post on one of our local wine cellars . Read all about it here on my Cape Town Blog.

Thanks to Pondie for many an entertaining read and chuckle, the odd tear and certainly always a thoughtful post. And a huge thanks to her for joining me today.

Thank you for your treasured company

Live Well



I will be linking this post to Mosaic Monday at Little Red House, since that is where I found Pondside! Please click here
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  1. What fun to read about one of my very favorite blog-friend. I always know I'm in for a treat when her blog pops up on my Google Reader.
    Thanks for spotlighting her.

  2. Aw....shucks.....I'm honoured to be on your blog. Isn't blogging fun!?

    1. The honour is all mine to have you featured and your regular visits to my lil dot in the universe is pleasure as is your lovely comments. THANK YOU!

  3. Fun reading and meeting Pondie and I need to know more about her tool that pulls weeds without touching your hands!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  4. I love your questions, Veronica.

    Fun series!

  5. Pondside is the most amazing and wonderful. She offered to come pick us up at the dock in Seattle to show us around her city...the ship was hours late docking and we were in the complete darkness, so her plan did not work. I would loved to have met her. Great interview !!

  6. This is wonderful. I truly am a fan of Pondside and her writing and pictures.

  7. I follow Pondside (Honora) as well and couldn't agree with you more about her amazing gift with words! I really enjoyed this expose you did on her, Veronica! Really lovely and most of her responses were exactly as I'd pictured her to be.