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Thursday, 15 March 2012

Fab Finds for Friday

Hi everyone!

I have been very quiet this week in blogland as life took to the fast lane here on the tip of Africa, and so my favourite blogs reads and my own posts suffered. So, to remedy the situation, I thought that I would just share a few fab things that have been sitting in my "to share" file for a while now...

Lets start with mother nature...

...and let us run down this path caressing the grass as we go...I feel like lieing on the grass and treating my senses to the smell, texture and greenery!

It reminds me of the quote, " Keep a green bough in your heart, and the singing bird will come"

My French Country Garden

Love love the panelling, the painting, the colours, the candlesticks....hmmm.... just gorgeous. I wonder what's for lunch? Perhaps a pheasant pie ...

Belgium Pearls

Feel like an opera or a ballet? I would love to see one here in the Monte Carlo Opera House. The coquettish Carmen, maybe... Why on earth did I not visit this place when I was there???!!

Right, jaw up!

Applause please as I take a deep and reverent bow ...

One Degree of Separation

How I wish I was sitting here typing this post..sigh...

Love the warm glow, the chandelier, the atmosphere....the whole lot is just so me ... more gorgeous candle sticks.

La Pouyette

Loved this room , although I am not an all white decor person, I  am just captivated by this room. Must be the wrought iron gates that did it!

Providence Ltd

Can I be selfish and claim this space all for me, myself and I...so we can relax to the max....

I would love to read this book in the above setting...but on second thoughts, maybe this is not the best idea that I have ever had....reading all about pastries whilst in my bather...

Total bliss space...well minus that hideous television thingy...sorry, I believe there is a place for everything and the bathroom is not for it! Replacing it with a gorgeous painting...Amazing space.

Providence Ltd

I had this image of just the door on my Pinterest board and now found the rest of it and it looks great seeing the whole picture. Delightful detail.

Great colour combo.

I am really enjoying this piece of art. My kind of happy place...

Art Cafe

And now, I bid you farewell with a wave from this splendid balcony.

Sema Orhan Mimarhic & Dekorasyan Moda

Have a fab Friday

Live Well



You can wave back to me in the comment box below with a few words... like which one is your fav...


  1. I don't think I could pick a favorite picture. Love all the candlesticks too, totally agree that the TV needs to go bye~bye from that stunning bathroom. They're all such beautiful dreamy pictures. Enjoy your Friday!


  2. So many great images, all of them! Just beautiful.....

  3. We have a lot of the same taste, Veronica, and these photos are some of my favorites, especially the first two. Could you just imagine walking through that green bower? Oo, and I see another of my favorites over there on your side bar...a Free Standing fantasy! My dream bathroom!

  4. So many beautiful images! I'd like to walk through that green arch!

  5. Lovely pictures to mull over on the weekend. I agree about the TV - I wish I could ban it altogether in my house but would have a revolution on my hands! x Sharon

  6. Love all the rooms but my heart started beating faster at the pool setting, set inside a grotto.....wow!!!! That is over the top incredible!!!!!

    1. Perfectly understandable Tina ~ the heartbeat I mean!

  7. Hi Veronica.
    Wow some stunning images, bet you can guess which my personal favourite is though.
    The French country garden archway is simply gorgeous. I wonder where it leads to… A beautifully renovated Gite or perhaps a rambeling Chateau.... Ahh ... I can dream !

  8. Such beautiful images, Veronica...I adore your french country garden, idyllic...
    have a wonderful weekend.

  9. I don't know where to start. I like your eye! The first one, the little hiding place in the glen, is delightful. I love the art piece here before the balcony adieu. Love the turquoise/aqua door and windowframes and the delicious blue of that indoor cave/pool which seems like Mykonos or maybe the pristine, light-sparkled blue of the Blue Grotto near Capri. Like you, how did I miss the interior of the Opera House in Monte Carlo? Everybody focuses on the casino or the yachts in the harbor. Or maybe too much of a hurry to get to Nice or Cannes. Sounds lah-dee-dah; a lifetime ago (when I was a 20-something globetrotter...you know, in the career-girl, single days, before settling down with marriage and becoming BORING!!!).

    1. Hi Vicki....awww we are on the same page here... That pool certainly makes me think of the BLue Grotto, now that you mention it! Hmmm and that art piece is de lovely...sadly life gets in the way of our globetrotting plans ..but we may still dream... If you should see this comment Vicki, I am unable to contact you as you have a closed profile, and would love to let you know that I appreciate your lovely comments!