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Thursday, 9 June 2011

The world outside my window....

The world outside my window is....wet, windy and dreary... A typical winters day in Cape Town. Winter seemed to come early this year and I am looking forward to spring. I know, I have a long way to go... My garden is bare and equally dreary. Not only is it in a state of renovation but I am also quite upset that my neighbour  removed a stunning, huge Wild Strelizia which has now left me with a gaping hole in my little suburban universe. The wind comes howling through, I feel exposed, my shade plants that used to grow well is now in full sun and has to be moved. The worst, worst worst thing is that I now have the best view in the world of Mc Donalds!!! Eeeewwwwww!!!! So, to cheer myself up I went and dug out a couple of photos of my garden from last spring and summer.
My favourite colour pansy between lime Helichrysium. A colour combination that I never tire of.

The artichokes grew quite well in that spot and I had many a novice gardener knocking at the door to enquire after the odd flower heads. I am happy to report that the onion weed surrounding the  Giant Agave has been eradicated. Sigh of relief!

Sometimes nature rewards you with the unexpected. This lilac wild lupin popped up in the perfect spot next to the maroon renunculus! Wow! Wish I could duplicate it, but can for the life of me, not find the seed I harvested from this lupin! I just adore the leaves of the lupins and they look spectacular in the early morning with shimmering diamond dew droplets...

Again, just random how the Allysium surrounded the orange bloom of renunculas...

I have an ongoing love affair with beautiful shaped leaves. This is Plectranthus Grandentatis and as you can see looks quite spectacular when the sun catches it.
My Ice Cream bush never dissapoints.
Grey echeveria...

Rosa Scented Dawn

Strobelianthus looks amazing next to ferns..

Well, I feel better already. Nothing like a few blooms make the world a brighter place.

Now for all the wonderful planning...while the weather improves. My head is filled with endless possiblities and plant combinations. Sadly my patch is not large enough for all the ideas in my head. But a girl can dream...

Enjoy your garden.


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  1. Hi Veronica, I just sent you a couple of emails that got returned back to me saying your mailbox is full! Just trying to send the details about the Wedding Blog Party tomorrow. I'd love to have you join us ~ will hopefully have my post up around 7-ish this evening for people to start linking up!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  2. Love that primula... they are among my favorites1 L

  3. Beautiful...the Lupine and Ranunculus pairing is sheer perfection...sometimes those unplanned pairings are the best!!!