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Monday, 27 June 2011

Cindy ~ Peaches and Cream Bride....

Good Morning Monday and all you lovely people who will stumbled upon my dot of the cyber universe!

This beautiful photo of a friend on her wedding day captivated me when she placed it on facebook a few months back. Have a look...

She looks breathtaking, don't you think? The photographer manged to capture a very special moment in time of a beautiful young women on her wedding day...

Her youthful beauty, the delicate tulle and lace, the small roses in her bouquet, her peaches and cream complexion and the way she is framed with the light makes this images of her completely beguiling. I simply love this photo! Love it! It is one of the most wonderful wedding photos I have ever seen, and Cindy kindly allowed me to use it. Thank you, Cindy.

I am still getting to grips with all the wonderful tools at my disposal to create a blog. Quite apart from that I have also gone of on a different track, experimenting with mood boards, colour combinations, etc.

So this lovely image of Cindy, on her special day took me on a whole journey of discovery,,,,,

I think, that those luscious peaches and pink cabbage roses, reminded me of Cindy's wedding photo.

And... she inspired a few colour combinations. The delicate blooms of the Prunus fits right in...

So, I experimented a bit more...

And some more...

...and I began to imagine where such a beautiful bride might live and I can so see her descending from that stunning Nouveau Staircase looking for all the world like a princess..

Genius design....

 I am not very in to pink, but this peachy pink boudoir is a yes please!

And, who could resist this?


A huge thank you to Cindy for allowing me to use her wedding picture.
I do not know the name of the rose below, but I think we should name it ... Cindy.

I am linking with Mosaic Monday over at Dear Little Red House where I spotted some beautiful garden images. Please wonder over there and have a peek!

I do hope Monday is behaving herself immaculately!

Happy Living



Images: pinterest and Cindy Lancaster

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  1. Yes it is very lovely photo of a very lovely lady. And you made such stunning mosaics around it. Hope your week will be a good one.

  2. I love how you used the lovely bride as your inspiration and built on it to create some stunning mosaics. Wow. V

  3. No wonder you were inspired - your friend's wedding picture could have come from 1867 or 1987 or 2007 - it's timelessly beautiful. Loved your mosaics!

  4. Cindy certainly was a beautiful bride! You captured the colors that compliment her perfectly! And that image with the armoire is dreamy! She would fit perfectly into it!....Course I'd love to be in it too! *winks* Vanna

  5. You are right. It is a lovely photo and your combinations are perfect! Nancy

  6. Great colour combinations, the bridal picture really is gorgeous it looks like it could be a painting.

  7. love the first photo above, it looks amazing, my mother had a very similar picture, but sadly she lose it...thank you for sharing.