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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Iconic Designers ~ Stephen Falcke

It is extremely difficult for me to choose a favourite designer. Trust me, I have tried! Every single one of my favourite designers has something special that I adore. But if you ask me the question and say you may not hesitate in answering, I would probably say Stephen Falcke!

Here Mr. Falcke lounges in my all time favourite bath!!!
Picture from Sunday Times at Rooms on View Sandton Convention Centre

An entire wall of baskets....monotone magic! It must have taken an old age to get them all positioned and mounted...

Below is one of my favourite rooms by him. I would cook in there! Oh, and those dining chairs are on my list for my breakfast table. Note the doors at the entrance...


This room has so much interest and visual layers, but is still serene and relaxing. I love the way the daybed and chairs are arranged.

" The trick is to build visual layers,
just as one might do with a painting"
Stephen Falcke



I love they old and the new combined here with a chandelier and African elements and of course the most wonderful backdrop of all. The African Bush...

A elegant porch to die for!


...and there is my bath again.... Actually, I think if I had that bath, I could well do without the rest of the house!
Stephen Falcke brings the romance of the African safari to his room

These are just a few of my favourite rooms by him. Please visit Mr. Falcke's website here to view the rest of his portfolio.

Now, how about a bit of molori? "Molori" means to dream in seTswana. So sit back and click Molori and also Molori Safari Lodge and enjoy! Keep your camera ready....an elephant might pop in...

Did you spot any game? What a way "to do" safari!

Let me know how many nights you're booking for and I will be ready and packed...

Happy hunting....that is with your camera only!

It's "molori" time for me...hope the lions don't roar to much tonight...



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Now, this ends in a calamity. Most of the images are from my scrap books, so if you happen to know their provenance, please drop me a line so we can credit them properly for the pleasure they give us armchair travelers and decorators.

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  1. I see exactly what you mean. Seeing him sitting in the bath tub makes one realize he has a great sense of humor. I adore his sort of monochromatic schemes...I'm getting to that point, where that coloration is calming to me. xx's