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Monday, 20 June 2011

My Boudoir...episode one.

According to Granny Google, via Wikipedia, a boudoir is a lady's private bedroom, sitting room or dressing room! This much I knew already, but it goes on to say that the term derives from the french verb bouder, meaning "to be sulky" or  boudeur, meaning "sulky".  Well, I have no such intentions, to be sulky in my new boudoir... the only "sulky", I want is ... luscious silky drapes, thank you very much!

At the moment my bedroom is painted in an earthy hue of  amber which I love. I wake up to a warm glow each morning no matter what the weather. In the afternoons, as the sun wonders round, the hue changes constantly as the light changes. When I painted this I was not very good at it, being my first furore into rubbing colour onto a wall. So, the one wall turned out to be a bit lighter than the other, or rather the one turned out a shade or two darker! Disappointed, I wanted to repaint it but was totally exhausted and left it for the next day. When I walked in the following afternoon, rearing to go with my paint brushes, the light looked so beautiful that my two different coloured walls said... "Honestly, think again".... and I did! I sat down and watched the light change and loved it. So it stayed and I have enjoyed it very much.

However,  I have always wanted a French wicker bed and a more muted palette  to match. Recently I have fallen in love with a colour combination which is similar, but toned down a few notches!

This image got me thinking...

and this one...

Amazing, isn't it? ... the subtle colour and detail...

Some of the names given to colours in paint catalogues are delightful in their description of the hue... this makes me feel "just peachie" and I was momentarily in a "peach panic" trying to decide which mosaic to use, today...
Would love to see behind this door... and would love the door. Imagine, I'd be late for work each morning as I stop to admire my door!

Subtle and stunning...

My current black metal bed will be used to redecorate my daughter's old bedroom ( she has left the nest , sulk allowed here!) as a new guest room. The walls here has a golden paint effect and the black will work well. So, onto my list for my new boudoir:

Armoire - I have one in mind...

According to the supplier of a similar armoire, it can be changed to suit my needs and will be painted in  a powdery blue chalk paint. I think I am sold.

French wicker bed
Bedside consoles
Large mirror
Small couch or chaise
Needlepoint rug...etc

Oh, and I am not at all into wall paper, BUT, I have seen the most amazing damask wall paper with powdery blue on a light coral (annoying, I can't remember where) that I need to track down. I am thinking of doing the wall behind the bed only.

Oh  yes,  I made all these mosaics and could not decide which one to use, hence the "peach panic" mode...

This whole, scheme ties in with my en suite bathroom tiles. I would hate to change those at this stage. It is going to be difficult to change the colour of the walls, I do think that they need to be toned down somewhat. Sigh ...

So, time to hunt down that elusive wall paper and the perfect needle point rug. I have one or two pending on my mood board...


Maybe, a bit too pink.

Oh yes and those "sulky" drapes...mustn't forget those...

So, what do you think?

Today I am linking with Mosaic Monday at Little Red House  Please wonder over there to see some of the other posts and visit a few please.

Have a great week and please leave me your comments and input. I would love to hear your thoughts.

Happy living



images from pinterest, country living, tassels and twigs.


  1. Hello Victoria,
    thank you for sharing your "Reves" for your Boudoir..looking foreward to see the end result. your list sounds promising. have a lovely week Colette ~ Afrique du Sud

  2. NOw, hat is a lovely post and I agree a boudoir will b lovely. I love your ideas.

  3. You have exquisite taste. Love the colours. V

  4. It's going to be a beautiful boudoir when you're finished.

  5. Love the color scheme....the key is to get the right shades and then the fun begins! The wallpaper, the bedding, the drapes, the rug..such fun to watch it all get tied together. I am going to email you a picture I think that you would like of a bedroom using this color scheme..gotta find it in my archives but I know I have it. Its not necessarily exactly what you want but very close....will send it over a bit later. Thanks fro stopping by and for your kind comment!

  6. Such lovely colours in your mosaics. Just marvelous. Look forward to see how your 'boudoir' will look when you have finished it.

  7. I love your ideas and colours. I think the end result will be gorgeous. Keep us posted! x Sharon

  8. You've chosen a delicious color palette for your boudoir. The aqua and peach are a wonderful pair, although perhaps for me, I'd want one to be dominant, the other an accent, and bring in some other neutrals, like on the shot with the starfish. Your story board mosaics are lovely. Happy decorating!

  9. I Love the colour pallet you have chosen for your boudoir. I’m looking forward to following your progress. It’s going to be a very sumptuous and sophisticated room. I love your Jack Vettriano Pictures I have two in my lounge room.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment. Look forward to visiting your blog again soon.

  10. great blog! i am now a follower, and have added you to my "faves" list!

    thanks for sharing!


  11. Oh, those colors are SO beautiful! I look forward to seeing your boudoir as it progresses! Thanks for sharing at MM. :)

  12. I didn't know what it means. but thanks. It is quite useful when you find words that you never thought that they ever existed

  13. Oh my goodness, seems like we're kindred spirits. I LOVE your page, thank you for infusing your energy in me! :)

  14. Specifically your Boudoir theme!