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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

All my bags are packed...

Old trunks and suitcases fascinate me. Especially old well worn, brown leather ones with loads of travel tags all over them.  They are just so full of mystique and always evoke intense curiosity.

Imagine the places they have seen, the travel tales that the can share, the yarns they can spin of getting lost in far flung exotic places. Packed and ready to go find adventure and new discoveries is they way I like them best of all.

You wonder....where are these off to, below? Who owns them and what wonders awaits them?

Lately my interest in these well worn travellers have been related to the "dead" space under my staircase. There is a nook under the stairs that houses all our camping equipment, neatly tucked away behind a bamboo blind. At this stage the stairs are not very inspiring, what with a matchstick ugly wooden railing as my son calls it. Well, I would love to replace it with an elegant wrought iron railing. For the dead space beneath the stairs, I covet a stack of old suitcases such as these.... well worn and full of great character. I kind off like the odd blue one in the middle. Ever noticed how the colour blue lifts out the colour tan. It works every time. The blue one has been placed in the perfect spot between the cream and tan one. And I love the old trunk at the bottom.

or these... not quite what I want, but they suit the setting below.

These are also great.

All well worn and full of character and they have been around the block a few times.. I am very specific about this little suitcase vignette.... On top of my stack I want an old vintage globe....

or perhaps something like this drinks trolley in a globe along side that can be conveniently wheeled out. The colours of both these globes, would look amazing against my ochre walls.

There must be a silver "vase" with flowers... as well as a paisley throw or pashima draped elegantly...

Yes to the monogram and the straps! The flowers look so delicate here.

...although.. a Lamp might also work well....

In my search for the perfect "stack" of suitcases I found a few interesting ones. Here are some uses for your old layabout cases and trunks.... chairs ala vintage shabby chic...

How about a bed for your perky pet? The kitties look particularly pleased with their lodgings...had to laugh about the bunk bed idea!

I absolutely adore this back pack... Yes Please!

A Louis Vuitton side Table, no less. I hope she is hiding some Jimmy Choos in there...lol.. I always have to wonder what's in them....

This monotone arrangement is  full of interest and just beautiful.

These beauties  were made for this sun room...


Someone got real crafty and made this chest of drawers. So clever to re use old things like this.

There is just so many ideas to choose from. Some inspired stacks below full of detail.

And the piece de resistance.....
An entire wall of storage!!! looks very mysterious. What is in them I wonder? Maybe a lifetime of memories and souvenirs. You can lock me in here overnight to explore, thank you very much.

Some suitcases are just a thing of beauty ... Paris, most definitely, lets go...there we will most certainly find old suitcases in a brocante or two....

All this just for the boring space beneath my stairs.... It was well worth the journey...

Bon Voyage...

Happy travels and I would love for you to leave me your comments or even a travel tale or two...

or pop me an email

All images from Pininterest


  1. Well, my friend, you're place is wonderful...love your header and this post. And I see Lene & Kristin are following you now. Two absolutely special people. I'll post about you in my next blog hop. On June 10th there's a wedding blog party going on, if you wish to join in let me know and I'll send you the link. Congratulations!!

  2. These are amazing!! What a cool post!

  3. I love these suitcases!!! Would love to decorate with them! Have a lovely day :)


  4. Here's the link to the wedding party. The hostess's name is Stephanie...tell her I invited you.


  5. Wow so many incredible images..hard to pick a favorite. I love that entire wall of trunks and like you, I have a thing for old vintage trunks and luggage. This is a beautiful post!!

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