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Saturday, 28 April 2012

Weekend Swoon Session ~ Segreto!

Hello dear ones!!!

It's a chilly Saturday eve in Cape Town and what better to do than take a trip through blogland and have a swoon session de luxe!

What are you up to?? Take a break and join me for a few minutes... it will be worth it, I promise!

Take a look....

Gasping and swooning permitted...

Take a good look at the wall finishes, the scones, the chandelier.... just take a good look and appreciate the beauty!

Found this piece of perfection on Segreto's   face book wall...

Phew...long sigh of pleasure and  I am grrrrreeeeennnn with envy at all of you who get to visit this house to view it up close and personal.

So, I thought I would share a few more fabulous images....

Designed by Joni Webb from the wonderful blog Cote De Texas this was a feast for the eye.

Read the entire post here.

Pure pleasure...

Just loving the light in here..

Another fab dining room

A hand design that Segreto painted on a bathroom wall ~ yes please!

This mural is one of my favourites which I found on Segreto's Face book Wall.

Fabulously enchanting...

...and how cute is this???

As an African girl, this makes my heart beat to the rhythm of the African bush!

Take a peek at the wonderful detail in this ceiling finish!

I am in awe of the workmanship.


This colour and design would fit perfectly in my den.

Delicately delightful...

If you have been reading Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds for a while you will know that I love the glowy warm look, so I had to include this...

My personal treat to myself for my birthday next month is this....

The book with all the eye candy to keep me occupied for a good while!

My friend Sharon, from the lovely blog Roses and Rust beat me to it, and is already in possession of this piece of pretty, so please click here to see Sharon's post. I have tried to include different pictures so you have loads to enjoy!
Thanks Sharon.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did finding it all!

Have a great weekend

Live Well



All images from Segreto's facebook wall


  1. I did a book review of Leslie's book recently and a post on her home. The book is amazing and worth every penny. I hope you get it!

  2. So many beautiful images. I've thought about buying this book, now I think it's a must.

    - The Tablescaper

  3. I love this book and everytime I see a post like this I have to go back to my book. I didn't know Joni did that house above I'm going to have to go back and take a closer look.

    Enjoy your Sunday Veronica!

  4. You know these guys are in Houston, right? Just beautiful, V. Their work is art, that's all there is to it.

  5. I totally swoon for rooms like that. They're so soft and elegant and I admire all the paint techniques! Thanks for sharing and have a great week!