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Monday, 9 April 2012


 Hi Everyone!

How has your Easter weekend been so far? Is your chocolate craving satisfied for another year??

Over here, we have had a good bit of rain and everything has been washed clean and it now officially, feels like autumn to me. Well, there is also  a distinct chill in the air that might be convincing me of its intentions! I got in my car to drive to the supermarket and was blasted by the aircon from two days prior, when we were trying to chill from the heat!

The lovely Debra from the blog Aquired Objects has tagged me and so I have to answer some questions that she has set.

Please, do visit her gorgeous blog. The above pic will give a hint. Debra is an antique textile dealer and also lives in a wonderful spot in the wilds of New Hampshire. Anyway, there is loads of beautiful things to see and swoon over.

Whenever I visit Debra's blog I eye these....um,  tassels in her sidebar... naturally...you understand?

As if that is not enough, pop along to her website for some seriously beautiful antique textiles HERE. Not only are the goodies amazing but it makes for some interesting reading. Now, I am hearting that Tapestry that is on my wish list even more!! Sigh...


You must post the rules
Answer the 11 questions the tagger posted for you and create 11 new questions for people you tag.
Tag 11 people and link them to your blog
Let the people you tag know they’ve been tagged….simple!

Okay, so here goes....my answers...

What’s your personal style when it comes to design?

My personal style is a mixture of European styles. Some English Country a bit of French with some Italian and perhaps a dash of Africa here and there! Dare I use that E... word?? In some rooms, I will be a bit formal, but not so that you feel you can't put your feet up and kick back. I adore a layered room that develops over years and that has  a mixture of the following.... beautiful fabrics, a few good pieces of furniture, glass, wrought iron, stone and wood. Bringing all these elements together with a good dash of colour to create a harmonious and comfortable look is what I strive for.

What is your one must have item for a room?

A lamp!! Adding a lamp can take any room from drab to fab and add a cosy glow.

See what I mean?

It always add a warm glow...
Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

Just two of my favourite lamps  in my hallway.

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

Who is your favourite designer?

Oh dear, there are many...how long is a piece of string?

Let's see, locally here in South Africa, I would have to say Stephen Falcke and John Jacob Zwiegelaar.

John Jacob Zwiegelaar

Love the above room.

Johan Jacob Zwiegelaar

Stephen Falcke

Just gorgeous!

Stephen Falcke

Then there is Ralph Lauren,  Bunny Williams, Carolyn Roehm to mention a few. I could go on..but you get the picture in your head?

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren

The above pic is  wonderful with those old books! I am always looking for similar ones...

What is your favourite room to decorate?

The living room, without a doubt. I love that there are so many elements that can make up a living room, starting with the sofa, and chairs and tables and lamps, and objects, and and and....

Chateau La Cruezette

What’s your biggest pet peeve in design?

When you can see that it was only the decorator's hand that touched a room and that there is not a single personal touch of the owner in the room, and I am not talking lining up a bunch of snapshots of your family.... that makes me even more anti!!

I love the everything about this room, especially the walls!

What is your favourite piece of furniture?

I would have to say my Bombe chest is my favourite at the moment. Well, that is until I find that Armoire on my wish list...

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

Although, this Armoire in my living room is quite special to me, I am in search of a specific one for my bedroom.

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

Are you in your dream home and if not what’s your dream home like?

I love the home I am in, but will be moving to a smaller home in the next few months. My dream home would be a barn like structure mixed with Tuscan and Provencal elements. It must be built in a U shape with a pool in the middle with all the rooms opening to the pool. I love large windows, the more the better. There would most certainly be exposed beams! oh, and a huge loggia! And of course, French doors.

Stone walls and shutters...sigh!

If you could only have two rooms in your home which would they be?

The kitchen!! I love to cook!... and the living room please!

Why did you start blogging?

I was actually going to blog about cooking and document all my recipes to share with friends and my children and in doing the research to start my blog I discovered lifestyle blogs and was hooked, instantly! It was a wonderful experience to discover like minded people and the generous spirit of the blogging community has infused me with so much creative spirit! And now, I have decided to start a separate cooking blog!

Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds

Do you have any hidden talents we don’t know about?
Does daydreaming count?
Do you have a pet and if so tell us about the other person who shares your home?

I have  the world's most lovable Labrador, Smirnoff! Apart from me, he is the other blond in the family and according to my friends blends in perfectly with my colour scheme, a
movable accessory as it were! He takes two daily swims come rain or shine! Below he dries of after his daily dip.

And then there is Spot. A pug crossed with a Toy Pomeranian. He is seventeen years old, is diabetic, deaf and partially blind. He rules the home with his spirited attitude and according to the vet is a scientific marvel. He has been diabetic since the end of 2004 and has to be injected twice daily with insulin.

These are the next eleven bloggers that I am tagging

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4. What is your favourite drink?
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11.Five word that would best describe you?

I hope that you have all had a wonderful holiday weekend.

Thank you for stopping by

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Images from Pininterest and Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds


  1. Wow thanks for the plug Veronica and I was totally surprised to come on my blog and see my angel boy pictured....fun, you made me smile. You've pictured some serious eye candy here, great taste. Love your four legged babies too dogs are the best! Great learning more abut you these tags are always so much fun.

    Happy Monday!

  2. This was fun and really interesting. I also agree about lamps and how important they are and that living rooms are the most fun to decorate.

  3. So glad you shared! Smirnoff sure is handsome!

  4. I just loved seeing the photos of your dogs. I had a 10-year-old border collie who developed diabetes and I, too, had to shoot her with insulin every day. What we do for love...