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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sassy and Succulent

Hi everyone!

Happy Mayday!

It is also my birthday month ~ not that I am into getting older ~ but I don't seem to have a say in the matter!!

I am heading out into the countryside later today, in search of a new abode  so I thought I might leave you with some images to ponder and study!

I am afraid, it is what I do, study images like these....

Is she a dame or what?

I have the urge to recreate her!!

She is definitely a keeper!



Love this wreath with echeverias.


I have a vacant urn sitting in my breakfast room  ~ Maybe for just such an arrangement of succulence as above...!

The colours are fantastic. This is so eye catching and yes, you need time to study it!

Another pretty wreath to add some green to winter decor indoors and out.

All ablaze and beautiful!


My chippy birdbath could look gorgeous too ~ I will have a riot on my hands though ~ of the feathered variety!

And some  new ideas from the Flower Arranging Committee?

Seated in succulence ...


Spiked beauty...

I hope you had a relaxing day.
Thank you for your company.
I am off to Elgin...


Some of the colours are just magical...

Live well



all images are from Pinterest

Please regale me with a comment ~ I am all ears...


  1. just taking a moment to browse...i love the lady and the 1st wreath! they are just as beautiful as flowers! and the colors...!!! thank you for sharing a bit of God's creations!! ^)^linda

  2. Wow! This is amazing!!!! Thank you. So many new ideas to try out. Can't wait. Love Linda

  3. These are all beautiful images and that lady is fun. I hope you had fun house hunting Veronica!


  4. Wonderful succulents, and your lady is just stunning. Hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  5. I love succulents and I don't own a one. Its on my to do list. I have some urns that I that would look fabulous with succulents. Thanks so much for leaving such a touching comment for Danni. Hope you have a fabulous birthday.

  6. Hello Veronica

    Beautiful images of Spring time. As your new follower, I look forward to your visit and comments.

    Helen xx

  7. I must have missed why you're moving, because your current home and property, from what you've shown us, is stunning!

  8. Hi Vernonica - so nice to catch up on your posts. So, you're a May baby too....what's the date? I need to know....I'm a May baby too!