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Monday, 4 July 2011

Ralph Lauren

One of my favourite designers is Ralph Lauren. The very first thing that I fell in love with was a blue and white fabric range that I could not get enough of. Over the years I have amassed a huge amount of images that feel as current right now as when I first saw them. They are timeless and have inspired me over and over agian. I will just share a few with you and some of them might even be some of your favourites....


Love the layered look, textures and colours combined here.



Both timelessly elegant...


Fresh yet so luxe

My perfect room...

I never did like the leather chair when I first saw it but now I think its a keeper for sure!

This library has absolutely everything that is needed for a total state of bliss...

This chest below inspired me to find my own one closer to home!


Love it! Black and white perfection....


This wall colour below, finally convinced me to allow my son to paint his bedroom this colour! It took some convincing on his part as it is a small room but it worked well and he loves it.

A magnificent setting.

The whole look just say Ralph Lauren!

Perfect colour combinations....


This fabric would make such a great nursery for a boy..sigh...will have to wait for grand children...Love! Love!

This room has so many things that I like but especially the trunk used as a coffee table


This little display will fit right into my house as is just perfectly. Don't you just adore those large black books! Guess what I will be looking for in the markets....

Stylish and fresh and sexy

Have another peek...

Difficult to choose a favourite look or room, isn't it!

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Happy Living!

Be inspired...



Please make my Monday Happy by leaving me your comments. Love to read your thoughts...

images: Ralp Lauren & pinterest, my own scrapbooks


  1. All of your images are stunning, but I have to tell you that the blue and white mosaic had my heart beating a little faster!
    Thanks for stopping by earlier.

  2. Anything blue and white makes me happy! Thanks for stopping by, I hope the pie is one you'll enjoy!

  3. His look is so classic I don't think it will ever date. Lovely pictures and collages. I went to London when my now 14 year old was 2 and I bought the Polo duvet cover with the sporting teddies for him. He absolutely loved it. When he finally outgrew it, I made it into curtains for the boys playhouse in the garden. I wasn't going to let go of my one Ralph Lauren item!:) x Sharon

  4. My most favourite colours of his are those blues!

  5. Opulence and coziness at the same time. Beautiful. V

  6. I just used the dining room image in my post from yesterday. I love my dining room to look like this when we're NOT dining. And, please...who doesn't love Ralph Lauren? xx's

  7. Thank you all, I loved going through my Lauren archives!! Sharon you are one lucky gal! I would also not be able to let go...



  8. I'm so with you on blue and white. It's always fresh and at the same time always classic. Looks like it is at home in a 100 year old house on the seashore, a 200 year old country estate, or a penthouse in the city. Love, love it. Always will :)

  9. Veronica, Ralph Lauren is one of my favorite designers as well, thank you for the images they are just wonderful.

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