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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Outdoor Tables

Good Morning friends. I would like to welcome all of my new followers and those who have been here from the start. I am thrilled to have you stop by and spend a little time here on my dot in cyber space. Thank you for joining me here and I hope you enjoy your clicking and take away something to inspire or spark a new idea...or just relax a while.... I give you permission.

This blog has taught me so much in a short space of time and it is where I discover, share and just spew out my random thoughts on what I found and what I'd like to do. It has given me enormous pleasure to find like minded people who share generously with others.

The setting below is perfect, isn't it? It comes from one of The House of The Year Finalists and I am in love with the whole house and this setting is just an added bonus to swoon over for me. If you haven't seen that gorgeous conservatory yet have a look at my post HERE 

As you know I have started to explore colour that fall outside of my personal preference and I can tell you I have learnt so much and have discovered a whole new world of possibility. This week I explored aqua (click here to have a peek) and found that I did like the colour and  I am determined to use it somewhere but came up blank. And then it hit me...outdoors, of course and here is the proof that I just found!!

This is an adorable outdoor setting and of course just the spot for an urn and pot addict like myself to dine. And a stroll through that garden after dessert is also on the menu....

This looks like one of those times when you decide at the last moment to enjoy the simple beauty of a field picking some wild flowers as you go to adorn your table...

The table is completely adorable! Rustic gone glam on the beach...under swaying palms and I imagine a saga dance later....

This is total bliss for me...everything about it makes me happy...

This is such a charming outdoor dining area covered in ivy and elegantly lit. It looks peaceful and serene and the floor is gorgeous. I wonder what is on the menu after that first glass of sauvignon... perhaps Fig Salad ?(click for recipe) That is just what I'd serve up here..

Who wouldn't want to dine here at this charming spot in Venice? We could take the gondola back to the hotel...

This is so romantic... Do you think he is proposing?  If so, I can't imagine that any wedding could top this....

I end of today's post with a heavy heart. I just heard of the passing of an old school friend that I'd been meaning to ring and did not get to... You can imagine how terribly sad I feel and disappointed with myself...

If you need to ring some one do it now...

Hugs and Blessings to you



I will be linking to Tablescape Thursday at Between Naps on the Porch. Please wonder over there by clicking on my link and enjoy all the wonderful tables and stories...

all these beautiful images are from pintrest


  1. Fabulous inspiration images Veronica!

  2. I love these outdoor dining spaces! You know I love alfresco dining since we do it a lot here in our little yellow casa in Italy!

    I LOVE aqua and am glad you are discovering it!!!!!!!

    I have it in my daughter's room!!!


  3. Veronica -
    Just found your blog via Between Naps on the Porch. How beautiful! I jumped over to the subscribe button and will be waiting for your future posts. I'm coming back this evening to peruse the archives!
    Linda @ A Toile Tale

  4. I'm still searching for the perfect outdoor table, so this was a treat.
    Don't be too hard on yourself - just call the next time you thing of an old friend.

  5. These tables just look so amazing...your blog is so full of inspiration.
    Thank you!

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  7. Hi Veronica,
    My dream table for the garden would have to be a long old table covered in a white linen tablecloth with an assortment of wooden chairs and china jug of wild flowers to adorn the centre. The crockery would be a miss mash of old china. Now this would have to be set under a big old tree with tee lights in jam jars hanging from the branches.

    Wonderful pictures of different settings each lovely in its own way. I am so sorry to hear of your friend passing. I lost a friend a couple of years ago in a motorcycle crash it was so sudden and I never got to say goodbye so I got a balloon and wrote a goodbye message a on it the set it free. Now I feel I said my goodbye.

    Take care

  8. Thank you Sue, That is a wonderful idea and very special. ahhh tee lights in jam jars is something I so want to still do this coming summer. Have been collecting a few and with the wind in summer here its the only way you can have candles outdoors. Your setting sounds so inviting and I am already thinking about the menu..lol

    Have a great weekend!


  9. Thank you for the inspiration....I always feel like I can not create another great table. Blessings My Friend,

  10. These spaces are amazing...nothing I love better than dining al fresco ~

  11. Dreamy, inspirational vignettes. Thank you for sharing these beautiful designs. Cherry Kay

  12. nice post dear blogger.