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Monday, 11 July 2011

Aqua ~ Colour My World

Good Morning Friends! We  are having a little Indian summer in mid winter and we're loving it! I borrowed this beautiful image from Marsha at Splenderosa. Actually, it has been sitting on one of my inspiration boards asking me to use it to explore my new fascination with colour that falls outside of my own "fired earth" colour palette that I think I must have been born with. Terracotta, ochre and paprika is what makes me happy! But I have fallen in love with colour and so, am experimenting with one colour per week and trying to find ways to use it in the home, garden and closet. But you have to understand, we work on Africa time here and living in Cape Town we take a bit longer than the Texans..lol. So first have a look here what Marsha did....here

Gorgeous, isn't it? How about those champagne glasses and that dress?

I am a bit odd in so far as I just love the names that are given to the different hues in paint catalogues. So above left, the small pot of dark paint is Eucalyptus Garden View and recommended to paint small-scale furniture to dot throughout the house. Just below it to the left is Celadon Wishful Thinking. It says that this is a dreamy backdrop for silver accents and ivory upholstery and I can so see that! Then, the small pot to the right below the sea glass is Caribbean Summer Breeze. The large pot below that is Mermaid and below that is Sweet mint! It all looks and sounds quite delectable....

I don't know if I will ever have the courage to paint furniture this colour, but it looks great here....

Now, this muted shade of aqua is gorgeous, as it the whole setting. simple but glamorous...

This bombe chest looks stunning in this shade and if anything will convert me to this palette, this is it!

Isn't this a magical scene....

Oddly enough this is my favourite colour in my summer wardrobe year after year...

Now, this is me! If I ever get my dream of having a guest house this will be in one of the bedrooms..


This is gorgeous aqua and sea sand colour... Very romantic cake this...


This has got to be the cutest and most beautiful bug in all the world!!! Just look at the lesson in colour from mother nature... This is a Cecropia Moth Caterpillar. Nature at its spectacular best! I wonder where it is found?

From caterpillars to chandeliers of  dreamy beauty....


This looks so comfy and glam  at the same time...


Aqua adornment for our lobes, darlings.....

I so want one of these dress forms for my boudoir and the chest of drawers is just gorgeous. Have I converted you to aqua yet?


Just loved the texture of this....

Crisp, fresh and glam...

Saving this ottoman for my den, library cum study area. Sadly not in this colour but in a metallic or velvet pinky champagne hue....still hunting for a swatch of fabric.

Candles ...

A very striking combination of colour...

So elegant....

So what are your thoughts on the colour aqua?  Have you used it in your home? I, for one will look at a piece of sea glass and the colour spectrum of aqua with a new fresh eye. I am not able to find a  home for it amidst my fired earth palette yet. Although it might be an option for outdoor dining for table cloths and cushions for my stone table for a fresh summer alfresco table together with white platters and sandy coloured serviettes like the wedding cake above... Yip, I need to go and search the fabric stores.

And I will never step over a piece of sea glass on the beach without bringing it home...

Have a very happy week friends. Live well.


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  1. I just adore this beautiful colour and you have so many wonderful images to brows over I could be staying a while today!

  2. Enchanting post and wonderful mosaics! Thank you! Cathy

  3. Beautiful beautiful mosaics... enjoyed it so much especially the porch, the earrings and that wonderful evening dress.... I love aqua... in fact I used beach glass and aqua bottles in my post:http://withadashofcolor.blogspot.com/2011/05/for-love-of-candles.html

    Thanks so much for stopping by Veronica and for all your sweet comments...enjoyed reading them. Have a lovely week ahead~Poppy


  4. I'm always reminded of a Scandinavian summer house when I see the color. I think it is cool and restful and all together lovely. This is my first visit to your blog, so I've taken some time to browse through your earlier posts. I'm so glad I did that. You have created a lovely spot for your readers and I really enjoyed the time I spent here. I'll definitely be back. Have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  5. Veronica, you've totally knocked the ball out of the park on this post! It is completely fabulous & I love your commentary. I promise NEVER to miss another post of yours. & thank you so much for the lovely reference. I'm a blondie girl & aquamarines have always been my favorite colors, especially when working with gemstones. This post is completely brilliant. Kudos, my friend....

  6. Veronica- hi I'm Suzi and have come to you through meanderings. Wow! I am so glad I did. Your blog is superb and I loved the concept today. I have recently returned from a trip over seas and need distraction. Thinking about new colour projects is a great one. I love the aqua - it is a colour I have thought about often in blending with my cream palette which is pretty easy to inter change.
    Thank you so much my dear. X

  7. I love aqua - it's in the ensuite bath in my bedroom - towels, walls etc. When I look around I don't see it anywhere else, tho' I love it paired with pink and white.
    Will you truly go to that winery and post about it? I'll watch for the post - and I'll be your newest follower.

  8. Thank you SO much for your kind comment on my blog! I am SO SO glad I came over here - this post is amazing. I love every single image and am saving almost all of them! I absolutely have to have the necklace in your header too!!

  9. Hi Veronica,

    I love all the eye candy. It almost makes me what to go paint my furniture in lovely shades of aqua.


  10. I am pleasantly surprised that I actually do enjoy the color and it many shades on pieces of furniture. We use different shades of gray and some off whites and tans, but I'd love to experiment with more bold colors. Your post was inspiring!


  11. Great post! Soooo much to look at. I love aqua.

  12. so beautiful and all my favorite color! I am following, and hope you'd like to do the same!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  13. Aqua is such a warm weather colour. When you posted on my blog that you were longing for summer, I just had to pop over and see where you live. You blog is so beautiful!

  14. I like Aqua... actually I enjoy most bold colors. What a magnificent array of the hue you have captured to share!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. Aqua is such a cool, summery, and pretty color! I don't have much of it in my home but do own a few pieces turquoise jewelry that is a darker shade of it. I also have a sea glass collection that has many shades of it.

  16. Gorgeous color! I have been considering doing my master bath in shades of aqua. Just need to take the plunge. Thanks for the inspiration.

  17. Thank you to everyone! I loved reading your commets on Aqua and now I covet a Beach House to experiment with aqua and blue and white!!! A gal can dream!! actally a beach shack will do fine then i can have blue and white on the inside and Aqua outdoors..lol!!


  18. So many wonderfully inspiring photos! I'm not a blue person myself but I'm going to create a "Teen Lounge" for my kiddos and they have selected Aqua for the accent color. thanks for sharing and you have a beautiful blog :D

  19. Aqua is one of my favorite colors too. It evokes lovely things - sea glass, the ocean, milky quartz.

  20. I am so so so happy that you came over to my blog and introduced yourself! I am loving your blog! I am for sure a new follower, I can't wait to be inspired! :o)

  21. I do love this colour and your pictures are gorgeous, love the earrings and the chest of drawers and..and..well all of it. I haven't used this colour in my own home, but having looked around I do have an aqua green jug which I love. I love this colour for summer and in clothing. Great post! Leahx

  22. I love the colors of aqua! Gorgeous post, Veronica.

  23. Aqua is a really great color: so cool and refreshing! Great mosiacs! (I never think to stop and do one).

  24. Veronica-- do you know where the necklace in your header is from? I can't stop thinking about it!!!!!

  25. I like your glamorous blog, Veronica
    Thank you so much for your kind comment on my blog! I hope you enjoyed it.

    Best Regards from Barcelona


  26. Stacy, I do hope the link I sent you helped to find the necklace!



  27. Oh, it is such a lovely color, and I would love to use it in my home but, alas, it just doesn't fit anywhere at present... :(

  28. Hi, Veronica! I am catching up on many of your past posts this evening and THIS ONE just really jumped out at me! I soooo love all the gorgeous aqua images you've shared!! Absolutely beautiful!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  29. Aqua is such a beautiful color - I love the images you chose. Your blog is so full of inspiration.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment!

  30. It's one of my favorite colors! Our vacation house is a blue that has a hint of teal in it. It's custom, but it's close to Benjamin Moore's Covington Blue. Before I added more cabinets to the kitchen, I had a large turquoise secretary with a glass front in the kitchen. We found it in Maine, and I adore it. It's lost its home temporarily.

    And our formal dining room in our residence has two HUGE aqua/teal, lidded garden urns from China. They sit on either end of an antique Empire sideboard. There is a Chinese painting above the sideboard, and there is a hint of that color in it, too. Across the room, I have an antique garden seat in that color (small one) on top of a small chest. And the back of our breakfront is lined with a Clarence House fabric in that color.

    I had planned to paint a bedroom a similar color, but that's out right now because I am going to do it on a budget with some things I have on hand, and I'm doing it with our young godson in mind. You are only young once, and I want to play to his imagination.

    Beach glass, Tiffany boxes, robin's eggs, Caribbean water... they all make me SO happy!


    Sheila :-)

  31. That is a beautiful color, one of my favorites.