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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Mother City Magic ~ Tribal Trends

Good Morning Friends. Happy Friday to you. I would like to introduce you to my new blog. I live in the amazing city of Cape Town and it has inspired me to start a blog about my slice of life in the Mother City.

Tassels and Twigs is my indulgent space where I love to share my love of decor, cooking and gardening, but my other passion is this wonderful city I call home namely Cape Town.

Friends often ask me for details about shops, restaurants etc and that prompted this new blog where I will share my personal favourites.

But for today's post it is all about decor and I would like to share a gorgeous shop that I found just of Green market Square called Tribal Trends.

For the rest of the post would you please join me over at  Mother City Magic (click please).  Also, I am not sure about that background of the blog. Does it annoy you and can you read it properly? Please give me your input. I would deeply appreciate it.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Living and if you happen to be in The Mother City...make it Magic!


please leave me your comments and thank you for stopping by and your help.


  1. Love this whole look!...especially the lamps!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  2. I love your whole blog! It's beautiful and unique to you.
    What a gorgeous shop you have found....I would love to see more of Cape Town's shops...I love bringing bits of the Eastern Cape to my blog too!
    Have an awesome weekend

  3. Veronica, you've hit a home run with your new blog. I love it ! I left a long comment for you. Sending love...

  4. Thank you to all who stopped by the new blog and for taking the time to leave me your precious comments and input! I deeply appreciate it and am still in two minds about the background. I am very pleased that you were at least able to leave comments since blogger wouldn't let me comment on my own blog!! Grrr.

    Have a great weekend

  5. Hello veronica. Nice touch with the tribal prints. I will send some feedback about the background and print directly to you.


  6. Hey Veronica, What a cute shop. It looks like it's right up my alley. I love your blog too. I am also a new blogger and am headed over to Ann's blog right now to learn more about this blogging thing. It's so much fun!

  7. Wow what a neat shop with such cool things!! Are those big chunky necklaces on the far right? love it, and those lamops and chairs, the whole vibe is really cool and fun!

  8. Hi Veronica!
    Lucky you that lives in such an exciting city! I have never been in Cape Town before or anywhere in South Africa. I would love to go some day, travel is one of my absolute favorite things to do...
    xx Marie

  9. I love this fun and exciting style of decorating.

    The lamps are just too cool and the fabric room divider is gorgeous.

    I love the door handle. WOW!

    P.S. I like your background color.