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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Urn addict....

All this talk of urns sent me into a fresh flurry of excitement! I went to have a look at what to use urns for and my oh my.... bad idea.... I have found so many more spots in my house to use urns let alone the garden!!! Have a look at these urns for side tables. Too chic and elegant... I just adore the large cream one on the left and could most certainly find a home for it. And the textured one on the right has another urn on top of the "table" Gasp delight...

Look at these... the white urn as umbrella stand is just so elegant. The delicate looking wire urn with the oranges is quite exquisite and how about putting you bath towels into such beauty.  Summer bubbly chilling in an urn will give a new glam to my stone table outside and those urns with the candles in are just dreamy. Must be some party to have twirly lollipops in urns like those. They look positively delectable...major drooling going on now!

And how about an urn table...
Isn't that just so clever.  I love it!!! But I would probably opt for  glass top so that you could see the shape more clearly.

These just fall into the category "Quite gorgeous"

Delicate perfection...
Hmmm...Mirror, wall scones and urn on a pedestal... what more could you want?
De lovely!

And of course for the garden....

Wouldn't you just love the peacock as exotic adornment...sigh....

Oh and these two luscious beauties I had to include as they fall into my colour palette what with the peaches and the colour of the house in the background. I would not eat the peaches as they look too good and would end up making jam when they are past their best~!

Its a long way to Christmas, but its worth putting this in your memory bank for the festive season...Imagine rushing down stairs to see what Santa left under a tree looking like that. I bet Santa had a hard time leaving a scene of such beauty!
And Finally!!!!!

Wouldn't you like to anoint yourself with perfume from one of these beauties every morning???

So there you have it!

Urn addict Inc.

Now where could I put another urn?

I will leave now before you suggest counselling...

Happy living and if you happen to have an urn you want to throw out....


By the way all the images above I found in Pinterest.

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