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Monday, 16 May 2011

Pssst...Peek through the keyhole with me...

Hello and welcome to my world....To get us started, I thought I would show you some of my favourite things... I just adore the classical curves of urns!! I only have a few so far, but obviously am always on the lookout for just the one to add to my collection. These curvaceous vessels always catches my eye and I simply can't resist them! They are also so useful for floral displays and are normally quite robust and can be planted up with a pot plant and voila ~ you have a new decor element...
 I covet a large cast iron urn perched elegantly atop a pedestal for a spot in my garden....sigh... but they are quite pricey, so for now I stick to smaller ones for the indoors.
The one in my lounge in the picture above is perched atop some old books that I found in a market. Old books also fascinate me and I often buy them for the colour and not the title I am afraid to say...hmmm....anyway I am sure you understand the thinking behind that... They have to match the decor and you have to agree that the red book does show of the urn quite well. 
Spending time in old books shops is a such a relaxing activity though... 

My hand painted fruit bowl on my breakfast table is a huge favourite and always lifts my spirits. The colours are exquisite and I never tire of it. Somehow, roosters and chickens have ended up as the theme for my kitchen. Must be these really cheap pictures in just the perfect colours that I got form Mr. Price Home for all of R20-00 if I remember correctly, that started that trend. When the afternoon light spills through the windows it illuminates them beautifully and I completely forget how al cheapo they were. They look like master pieces!! Honestly.

The Royal Dalton cups were a gift from my gran and are just so dainty. I was going to add to this collection but it has been deferred to the long term wish list for now. Of course, I can not get enough of scatters and pillows. The plan is to buy a new set for summer and store these away for a while so we can have a new summer look on the sofa. So it will be happy hunting for fabric during winter.
I enclosed a picture of my grey rock roses which I want to  plant up in a urn. Stunning, aren't they just?  And, will look gorgeous against my brown urn.

Soon as its done....you will be the first to see...

I'm off to satisfy the tasebuds...Happy Living.... and if you see something I might like...Please share xxx

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