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Monday, 30 May 2011

Crafty creature

Hi All. I have just got a new computer and had to get acquainted! Exciting and a challenge for me! So I have taken a day or so to get myself sorted. So happy to be online again and finding exciting and beautiful things to share with you. Whilst getting lost all over the blogosphere I have found a few nifty ideas that you might find useful. Or maybe they will trigger another bright idea that is just the thing for your special project.

This one had me in fits of giggles.... Well I never!!! Never will I look at the humble grater with quite the same eyes. All adorned in jewels. I would of course tie a bow on the handle and paint it cream. You could probably also stack two on top of each other and add some glitter maybe. Shabby chic chick!

Groove Press - Shop

Granny's old suitcases and an old mirror transformed into a side table for the bedroom with some storage as a bonus. How about storing away your winter woollies in summer so your closet has more space. You wouldn't want to store anything that you use all the time but I am sure you would find the extra space handy. We girls always have space issues....
Cupcakes and Cashmere

This is just so nifty and a great use of space. The space under a staircase is often, completely waisted and just look at how organized this is.
Under Stairs Cupboards | Under Stairs Storage Cabinet | Small Furnish

Ceiling medallions have been used to great effect on this wall to give some texture and interest.

A floor made of your small change!! This could take some serious planning and a few friends to help. You might even find that elusive valuable coin dating back to the year dot and then you will have some serious small change to play with! Good luck on both counts!!!

Revolver » The Shop: Penny Floor

This one is for me... I have a board that needs covering and this is a great idea! Complete with stylish doorknob.

My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia

Twine dispensers...

Photo frames mounted as book shelves...interesting and so shabby chic.
Picture Frame Book Shelves

A magazine holder becomes a corner shelf.

wooden magazine holder to shelf | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

A dowel and a basket and voila! Never again stuck and have to holler for help...
Seagrass Loo Roll Store - Large - Home Storage Systems From Store

Your  wine corks becomes a festive wreath....

Door knobs for all your necklaces. You get some very pretty doorknobs these days and some even has bling! You could also do this on the inside of your cupboard door.

An ever changing photo frame from that odd frame laying about.

After: Handmade Photo Frame | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Well I hope that some of these ideas got you thinking about all the stuff hidden in the back of your cupboards. That forgotten old photo frame or old basket might just find a new lease on life and give you renewed pleasure.

Happy hunting for that special piece of useful junk. It could be classy junk before long.

If you have any great ideas please let us know and share them.

Happy Living


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  1. What great ideas...love the suitcases as the side table!! Thanks for your nice email and thrilled to find and follow your new blog!!