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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

My New Blog !!! Pink Bra Bubbles Tablescape!!!

Hello Dear Ones!!!!
Greetings to you from a cool Cape Town!! We have had a respite from the heat and some welcome rain today! How are you all doing?
I also have a fabulous Spring Tablescape lined up for later, which includes a Bra (yessss, ladies!!! you heard it) and Bubbles...so stay tuned and keep scrolling, you will love it!!!

I will be joining Susan from Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday! Hop over to get inspired!
But first...
I have finally taken the plunge and sorted out my food blog!!!
Drum roll please for....

Thank you!!!
But I can hear some of you muttering... It's about time!!!
Yip, it has taken a while to take the plunge and as you know I have not posted many recipes and you have asked why not!!! Why was I neglecting the Tastebuds bit of Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds?
Well, I just struggled to find a name to tie in with the "Tastebuds" bit of the title!
So, why a separate blog for food?
Well, as I explain in my opening post ,( please click here to read it) I wanted to join the SA Foodblogger's roll and they declined my application as my blog did not exclusively contain food related posts! Perfectly understandable and so I started the search for a suitable name!

 I will be posting some of the old recipes that I have already posted in Tassels, but will obviously include new ones as well. When posting to Tidbits for Tastebuds , I will mention it in my post on Tassels Twigs and Tastebuds and that way you won't miss out!!
So far I only have three posts, the intro mentioned above, and then I kicked off with my favourite recipe, namely Fig Salad Please Click Here for that post!

And the other post was on Light and Luscious Hake, please click to read that one. It's easy and perfect for a quick week night dinner or lunch.

 I will add foodie blogs to my blogroll and tinker with it until it is ship shape, but in the meantime we can at least cook together as well as garden and decorate!!
Okay, so now that you are up to date and we are talking food, let have a peek at some Spring Tablescapes that I have had the pleasure of....
This gorgeously femine tablescape was at a Ladies Spring Event and obviously takes inspiration from Breast Cancer Month!
Take a peek...

It's such a happy and vibrant table, I simply loved it! It also won best table!
Take a closer look...

Wonderful, isn't it just!!
So gals, haul out your stash of fine lingerie and fishnet stockings and lets decorate some tables, shall we?
Don't you just adore the polka dot bubbly protruding from the polka dot bra!!

The goodie bags on each guest's chair was a work of art.

Yeah ladies, bring out the fishnets and have some fun!!
This little number was next to the table of delectable nibbles. Too sassy for words...!!!

Close attention to detail made for a feast for the eye, taste buds and sparked lively conversation and admiring gasps of delight as only a bunch of ladies all dressed up for tea can muster!!! The decibels went up, let me tell you!

The lil hats were just precious and oh so sassy!

Perfect presentation and the feminine touch carried through all the little details...

I spy mini cloches with a delectable delight....

The table setting from the other side with a floppy hat and feathery boa.

Thank you for your company!
Live Well
Please leave all the oohs and aahs below in the comment box.... I can hardly wait to hear your comments!



  1. Oh, so much greatness all in one post! Where to begin? Love the table decorations! So clever and for such a great cause! And…I"m loving the name for your food blog and so want to do something like that with mine as my recipes are on my personal blog but I spend more time on this blog! Ugh! So much to do, so little time! Your new name is precious and I can't wait to search all of your yummy recipes!

  2. I love love love your new header! Beautifully elegant and so perfect for you. xx's

  3. fantastic!! love your blog!

  4. Hi there, Veronica, and greetings from the very chilly middle of the U.S.! This is my first visit to your blog from Susan's BNOTP. Cape Town, huh? Wow! I think my Mother may have visited Cape Town a number of years ago when she was visiting the continent. Congratulations on your new food blog. I will tip on over there and check it out. The photos of the food you have posted here are just gorgeous! I could just reach into my computer screen and take a big bite!!! :-) My sister is always on the hunt for new food blogs, too, so I'll make sure to pass your link on to her. I see the Paella post to the right, and I KNOW she would love that one!!!! The fun table posted is just too cute!!! Very creative with the bra and the slippers in the goodie bags! I love those cute hat napkin rings, too! What a pretty table to remind us all that we must take care of ourselves!

  5. thanks for share.