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Monday, 12 November 2012

La Rive Revisited ~ Franschoek

Hi Friends!

How are you all? Did Monday behave herself?
It is that wonderful time of the year again, when I get to visit magnificent open gardens! This year I did not do as many as I did last year. I could not pass up a visit to the picture perfect town of Franschoek, though!
I revisited the enchanting Le Rive and as always, was captivated by the charm and perfection of it all!
Approaching from the street, I took this pic of the wonderful bench down by the stream... wait until you see it from the other side... it will take your breath away.... 

I ran into one of the owners, sitting just inside the gate, and he said that he was just being inconspicuous and enjoying the gasps of visitors as they entered through the gate to be greeted by this magnificent picture! 

It was a perfect day and I felt like lounging here in the shade the entire day gazing at the beauty.

The pastel planting of the English Country Style garden is so soothing and there was a new vista to greet my lens at every turn.

Some spectacular Bearded Irises, roses and pansies and many more makes for a breathtaking lesson in planting.

Looking back toward the entrance
in the corner. 

The attention to detail is quite exceptional.

The upper terrace ...

And... ta da!!!
Do you spot the bench in the distance that I mentioned at the beginning of this post?

Take a closer look...

I have seen this same scene many times before, and every single time it takes my breath away...
From the ground!
Yes, of course I had to get on my knees and tum to show you!!!

Looking back through the gate to the upper terrace...

A happy profusion! As I am writing this post, there is a vase with nasturtiums on my desk from a friend's garden and they are just a happy treat!

Long time readers will remember my post from last year on La Rive (please Click on link for more photos in that post). It remains one of my most visited posts and I still regularly receive wonderful emails about it from across the world!

I could not stay the entire day as there was ten gardens to get through, and some of them were on farms , so I had to leave this pretty picture behind!

Thank you for your company!

Live Well
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  1. Dearest Veronica,
    This is lovely to see such a lush spring garden as we are getting into the nasty autumn cold... When we came to your area that was also in November and I never forget those Jacarandas abloom. Great gardens and you wrote a lovely post about it all; even went on your knees for us. That is very much appreciated as the view was extraordinary.
    Hugs to you from south east USA.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous garden - this makes me so nostalgic for the Cape! Thanks so much for this post. Karen xo

  3. Veronica how lucky are you to have visited those beautiful, beautiful gardens? Now that we're in fall and everything has gone to sleep for the winter this post makes me want spring again!