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Monday, 26 November 2012

Amazing Outdoor "Rooms"

Hi Dear Friends!!
Summer is officially making herself at home in Cape Town and the best place to be in this Magic City of ours, is of course, outdoors!!!
It made me want to visit some of the amazing outdoor rooms on my Pinterest Board ~ Outdoor Rooms!

This luscious space was created by Tony Duquette ! I can see us having a tropical dinner here. How about those ginger jars? Are you taking it all in? Well, hop over here (click please) to see more of this designer, but be warned it will take a while to get through each room!
While you look through those rooms, I am going to take my Bubbly and head down here...
This might just be "The Mother of All "Outdoor spaces I have ever had the pleasure of drooling over!! Who needs to go home? Its all here!! Imagine how romantic this is at sunset....
For a bit of solitude and a good read with a cuppa...this little nook will do nicely, thank you!
Autumn colours, and of course I am sold!!
Add figs to the table, wine and bread and we have a party!!
This setting is every inch "Me"
I am putting this on my "Outdoor To DO" list!!!
For my next home, I want a mirror outdoors, surrounded by a Ticky Creeper!!
I have had my eye on the that console table for years and saw a similar one in a local store! Of course, I felt that I was scaling down and where would I put it??? But, voilà, problem solved!! Outdoors, of course!!
And, of course we all love those altar candlestick lamps...
Green and gorgeous! Are you looking at the lantern?
Thought so! The contrasting grey conifers is a genius touch!
Such an elegant space.

More lantern love going on here... a tranquil space with trickling water...

An open invitation to curl up with a pile of my favourite mags and to relax to the max....

I just adore the texture and colour of the stone and my Labrador, Smirnoff, will fit into the colour scheme perfectly! We are already snoring in acapella...

 Black and White and Trés Chic!

A stunning chandelier is the focal point of this amazing room! A most swoon worthy setting indeed. Add a lantern, beautiful tables, stone, beams and a magnificent garden and we are in love!

Evocatively Provencal and can you just dream about what's on the menu....

What an exquisite lil nook to snip and arrange flowers in, sit down with drink and admire your handy work...

Before I post the whole Pinterest Board on Outdoor Rooms, hop over and peruse the rest of them for yourself!
Live Well
Please let me know which one was your favourite in the comment box below...
All images are from Pinterest


  1. We have the same rustic aesthetic Jane Austen so admired!

    Thanks for gathering this collection.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  2. Thanks for bringing summer to me on a very windy Mediterranean winter day..

  3. I want the one by the sea !! Going to copy this image and post it so I can send everyone over to see you. & BIO on Tuesday, remember. xx's