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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Kamers Vol Geskenke 2012!

Hello Dear Friends
A post or two ago I bemoaned the fact that I was Accosted by a Christmas Pudding (click to read) flaunting her fruit at me...
And in no time at all it, is time to start shopping for Christmas Gifts and Decor Ideas.  Kamers Vol Geskenke has it all! In fact if you want to see your Pinterest Boards come alive, this is the place to be...
The magnificent setting on Lourensford Wine Estate in Somerset West!

First up, I had a wonderfully indulgent "Breakfast". Click here to read about that lil episode, and then it was on to finding treasures...

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while, you will all be familiar with Colette, from La Brocanteuse (click to see her post) so, let me show you Colette's treasure trove first.

She always has the best decorated stall and her new line of moulded treasures are very popular! I received a beautiful gift ~ Merci Beaucoup Madam ~ which I will reveal in a later post!  Take a look...

Too gorgeous...

The friendship hands on the book went home with me...

Lace, linen and her famous monogrammed linen were beautifully displayed.

A veritable treasure trove of delightful finds, each with a piece of history and a story of it provenance.

It is always a treat to visit Colette and her delightful friend who helps at her stall. Looking forward to Friday Ladies!! A Bloggy friend from the Eastern Cape Shel, from Just Me Shel will be visiting on Friday and we are looking forward to meeting her!

Loved this Christmas theme....

South African traditions remixed and oh so beautiful!

I need to go find all my daughter's old ballet shoes and do this!! Although, some of them probably look a bit, tattered. Loved it...

This colourful quilt captivated me and I can just imagine the hours of work! 

A perfect day with blue skies and bluer mountains.

Outdoor whimsy...from Aspidistra Nursery. Always such a innovative display.

The Bespoke Laser Cut Stationary from ARTYMISS was AMAZING!!!
Take a look at the intricate designs.

So much for stationery!!! These items will be used as decor in my house... London will look amazing against my dark bookshelves....
Innovative design and so many wonderful ideas for home, gardens, food and much more, not to mention all the gifts.
That laser cut butterfly, bottom left is gorgeous!

Another stall which I adored, was the vintage feel at Nest!

Beautiful fabrics, loads of nostalgia and great vignettes was a delight as always!

And, how about these, to take recycling to the next level of useful decor?
These are made by Different ~ michlong3@gmail.com

There is so much to show you!!!

So, Check back here next week again after my second visit...please!
And, in the meantime, if you are local and visiting, give me a shout and say Hi!

Live Well

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  1. One afternoon - just one afternoon there and I would be a happy woman! My suitcase would be full and my wallet empty! I remember posts about La Brocanteuse and always love them.

  2. Jou fotos is so mooi! Snaaks daardie lappieskombers het my hart ook gesteel. Hierdie jaar was kamers soveel beter!

  3. Dearest Veronica,
    You can find lovely old linens in your part of the world; quite a treasure trove!
    Enjoy your spring time.
    Hugs to you,

  4. Thank you dear Veronica for the beautiful mention and shared images- love them all. Thank goodness for wonderfull friends like
    that come around with a smile - so hectic when there! Looking forward to take a break and meet up for a coffee with you and Shell- XO Colette

  5. V...it is so lovely to see this long post of yours. I enjoyed every work and photo. I adore Colette and her blog, and reading of her adventures as she travels around selecting her beautiful merchandise. I hope you life is settled and happy, I think of you every single day. xx's