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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Kamers Vol Geskenke Part 2 ~ Meeting bloggy friends

Hello Dear Ones!!!

We have had an awesome week and weekend in Cape Town!! There is a whole lot happening between two oceans and we can barely keep up and it's not even silly season yet!!

First up.... I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting, in person,  a bloggy friend from the Eastern Cape who was on a visit to Cape Town!

Shel from the beautiful blog Just Me Shel came to visit Kamers Vol Geskenke in Somerset West. It was a delight to meet her and if you have not visited her beautifully photographed and delectable blog, yet, you are just a click away from delectableness!

Friday was a dreary day, wet and cold and so meeting Shel was the sunshine in the day!! The exhibitors were all very grateful for the wet weather as they have had sweltering heat all week long and needed a reprieve!

It was to be  a day of treats for me! Another friend decided to give her home office a miss for a couple of hours, to join me and we naturally had a glass of bubbles to celebrate! Thank you!!

I also found some Peonies, which in our neck of the woods, is a rare occurrence!! The fragrance alone is so decadent....
Saltare Grand Vin De Cap Classique and Peonies...what a treat!!

I managed to take a closer look at all the food on offer and tasting was the most pleasurable past time ever....

These Christmas decorations from Andrea Semple Topiary Creations (please click ) were a love!!

Whilst photgraphing, one bumps into other people, trying to get this angle and that, you understand bloggers? Well, it pays to bump into folks! I met another local blogger snapping away at all the pretty...Paula from the to tame me Hop over and pay forward the bloglove! Thank you and it was a pleasure to "bump" into you Paula!

Precariously perched, is the phrase that comes to mind regarding the above lamp!!

These felt flower broaches and necklaces by Malaki were gorgeous! Just adore the red and grey hearts! Contact Sulinda at Sulinda@telkomsa.net

After the rain, the stunning outdoor display by Aspididtra was shimmering with raindrops!

Well, if that silver tray on my dining table starts to bother me, I can always string it up outdoors!!

You can also view my previous post on Kamers Vol Geskenke (click here)

The friendship hands I bought from Colette at La Brocanteuse found a home on this old book in my entrance hall.

And this is the gorgeous gift, I received from Colette! Do you recognise it? Yes it is a moulding of her beautiful blog header! And it looks fab in my bookcases! No photo yet , sorry! I just love the packaging!

I adore the markets at this time of year, not only for the good cheer and meeting old and new friends as well as bloggy peeps, but there is so much wonderful talent out there, and my head races with all the brilliant ideas for decor, garden and food....and that keeps me happy for yonks!!

Live Well
Thank you for your company!
Please leave your comments and chats below in the comment box! I love hearing from you...


  1. Hello V!, I am so sorry I missed Shell, would have love to have met her , I was away around the time she visted my stall.
    Thank you for the mention and the gift is " plaisir d'offrir" ! XX Colette

    1. Aww what a pity! Next time.. She promised to visit again!!
      You must be pooped after all the markets!! Almost time for sea side fun!


  2. I'd love to have met up with you - and to have had you as a guide through some of those beautiful shops! So much inspiration. I will definitely be trying one of my many succulents in a silver sugar bowl.

    1. What a feast that would be Pondie!! So happy to hear you guys are all safe and sound after that 7.7 Earth shudder!!!

      Sending a Cape Town hug to the Pacific North WEst!

  3. Hello
    Thank you so much for the mention...you are too kind ,
    I feel so humbled by the mentions from you and Colette.
    Your posts are delightful...
    next time I'm in CT I will make a coffee date with both of you.
    I'm so sorry I never got to see Colette
    Shel x

  4. I absolutely LOVE your new header, V. Love it! And, now who will you highlight for BIO tomorrow? I adore Colette.

  5. Dankie net so baie geniet. Jou foto's pragtig.Linda