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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Accosted by a Christmas Pudding!

Hello Dear Friends!!!
How are you all doing this Monday?
Before I get into natter mode, I have to firstly say this....
Thank you, to each one of you, for the overwhelming response to my previous post "Thoughts on October". Your outpouring of friendship, love and encouragement has left me humbled and just a bit speechless. I deeply appreciate each and every comment and email that I have received. I have replied to every one! Just another indication of the spirit of paying it forward, that exists in Blogland, and I am so very blessed to be a part of it, not to mention proud!! You rock!!

Now, it has been a busy weekend, in spite of the miserable chilly, and at times wet weather. On Friday afternoon, I braved the home time traffic down to the beach to take a couple of shots for my new food blog! It was mayhem and the traffic cut into my cocktail hour but I managed to get a couple of shots!

Then, on Saturday and Sunday we had the Seasons of Sauvignon Festival in Durbanville, the wine lands where I stay, which was a blast, despite the miserable weather! Much tasting and eating and indulging....
Recently, during September, I scurried into Woolies to buy milk and bread, only to be halted in my tracks... Can't be, I thought... but there, on the shelf, a Christmas pudding was flaunting her raisins and orange peel unashamedly at me!!!?? Huh?? Its only September!! All wrapped up in a cellophaned skirt she was a temptress, with no regard for my frail thin resistance. It was quite a shock to my system, and I had to leave with her tucked into my shopping bag, forgetting the milk and bread for which I had to return!!
Does Christmas come faster and faster with each passing year? Do you have the same problem ? I can not even muster a single Christmas decor or menu thought, in spite of that pre-Christmas pudding indulgence!

That pudding threw me off course completely! Imagine, being derailed by a Christmas pudding?!
This year, I might be immersed in boxes trying to move and squeeze  28 years of living into a new smaller house, let alone brainstorming menus and decor. Or it might be boxed, with nowhere to move to...sigh!
In years past,  I hosted my rather large ex-in-law family for Christmas eve dinner. A full on three course, sit down dinner affair, for around forty people (with all the trimmings and decor), depending on the hangers onners, and forgotten family emerging from nowhere, two hours before guests are due to arrive! The table, that you have carefully laid, has to be relayed to squeeze in two extra guests and frantic frazzle sets in...you recount the potatoes to make sure you have enough for the umteenth time~!
Foolishly in Housewifely Domestic Goddess mode, all this was single handily accomplished by Moi! Me, myself and I...
Being freshly divorced, however, this is no longer my responsibility and monetarily I felt a great sense of loss...
Understand please, that it was just a fleeting moment... until the towers of dishes that usually greeted me on my Christmas morn pre dawn tea making rounds flashed into my minds eye.
Amidst the festive debris of Christmas eve's dining, we normally settled in with tea to open presents. Not even children in their twenties seem to loose the knack of opening presents at dawn-o-clock!
Then, it was off to church and upon our return, I usually served brunch to the family and then the great tidy up started!! By which time, I am thoroughly pooped from the adrenalin rush of feeding a crowd and making sure that each and every roast potato is crisp and warm! And all that in the December heat!!! The way we stick to tradition! Crazy, isn't it?
Well, this year I am banishing the cumbersome old and winging in the sleek new and revised Christmas Plan.
Oh yes, I am!!!

I will be hosting a few pre-Christmas lunches for a small group of friends at a time, to give me the opportunity to enjoy each and every guest fully! Then, on Christmas eve, I intend to take my son out for dinner to a great restaurant and having a very relaxing Christmas day picnic.
There, the planning is almost done!!
Looks like that Christmas pudding merely altered my course and did not derail me entirely...
Live Well
all images are my own
any thoughts on Christmas bobbing about in your planning yet...? Leave your comments below, I am all ears...with a mouth full of fruity Christmas pud...



  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog Veronica! I hope it goes well with you.
    You're probably right in that Christmas comes earlier and earlier every year, but I refuse to follow that track. In my house, Christmas did not come inside the doors before the end of November (hopefully).

    Love from Lene

  2. Dearest Veronica,

    You have done a mega task over the Christmas holidays for such a large crowd. Isn't it always rude the way some people never seem to consider how much goes into the planning, calculating the amounts of all ingredients needed. If they just drop in last minute they cause so much stress on their hostess mainly, as she is the one doing most for the meal.
    Let's hope your move will come through. Be positive, as you've been already.
    Hugs to you,

  3. Hello sweet lady,
    I have to confess I love Christmas and everything that goes with it. I have started the present shopping and I have also been making decorations throughout the year.
    I know I’m a sad person someone has to be! Lol.
    I love your ideas for Christmas this year I can imagine your going to have such a lovely new home ok maybe a smaller home but just as elegant. You have such a lovely sense of style…you could make a shabby shed look terrific…Go girl!

    Look out world here come Veronica the brave Veronica the bold Veronica the beautiful Champaign glass held high head up and best foot forward.

    Sending a huge (((hug)))

    1. And just look at the amazing achievement that you have come up with in the past fourteen weeks!!!! Amazing!!! So very proud of you!! You go girl!!!

      Sending love


  4. Dear Veronica: I just read your "by invitation only " post. You are an amazing woman, someone to look up to and admire. Having faced the dramas and turmoil of life, you still write in a beautiful, honest way without a note of resentment and anger.Having been married for 30 years, the shock of such a separation, I cannot even measure. Of course, marriage has its ups and many downs but the partnership really helps with the turns that life can take. You are courageous and find beauty in life. Your new Christmas celebrations approach is a perfect way to share the great moments of life with the ones that you really love. Most of my friends are divorced and dealing with it as best as they can, our Christmas lunch is a large formal affair for us to celebrate the good of the world with our very special friends.

    1. Dearest Francine: You are so very kind and I am humbled by your comment. Thank you so much. Fortunately I have been blessed with the ability to fall in love with life over and over again, and for that I am most grateful. Your Christmas affair must be a delight!

      Sending hugs


  5. Great post !

    Love your pictures and articles!!

    A blog like this should definitely be followed so here I am :)

    Hope to see you on mine as well :)



  6. Sounds like the perfect holiday plan to me Veronica! I agree.. the holidays seem to come faster and faster each year. As much as I enjoy it, the roll Mom's and Wive's traditional hold is a busy one, making it and overall exhausting experience. That said, it's kinda sad as we get older, kids are grown.. things naturally simplify and then I feel sad. Lots of mixed emotions!!


  7. Veronica I'm so glad that the momeent of sadness was only a moment, and that the planning this year sounds soooo much easier! You are going to have a wonderful year! :)

  8. Hello dear Veronica
    I have come back to blogland after a very tiring past few months too!
    I read with sadness of all you have been through...I cannot help feel your pain....
    I am delighted to see how you have picked yourself up. ...you have given me the inspiration to do the same.
    I love this post and also look so forward to welcoming in the silly season .
    I'm hoping to catch up with you at Kamers next week (I should be there on Friday)
    Will definately be looking out for Collette's beautiful collection too.
    Many many blessings for everything you are wishing for.
    Shel xx
    Please check your email x