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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Through my Lens....

Hi Dear Friends

How are you all? Having a good Sunday I trust!

I have been a busy bee and have had a fab weekend so far...

 Had a lovely ladies morning  (Saturday) with friends, a very welcome and festive birthday gift involving excellent company, delectable food...(and chef), sublime wine and a great time had by all! Thank you!! I feel so spoilt and that officially marks the end of my birthday celebrations ~ been at it since May!!

Then, took in two plays with my son on Saturday evening and Sunday has been relaxed with a fine winters day to enjoy all the beauty that I am surrounded by.

I thought I would share a pixel post with you .... show you a few things that my lil Canon lens found inspiring....

Winter roses!

There is no bigger treat than heading outside in the dead of winter and finding your roses in bloom....

A gorgeous respite from all the rain and I was able to cature these images...

The colours of winter are spectacular....

My colour palette in leaves, decor and everything that makes me happy!!!

I just adore the shape of Acer/Maple Leaves!

My garden birds...always willing subjects....

Went outside to hang washing and was stopped in my tracks with this amazing colour combo...dropped the washing basket and headed back inside for the camera...washing forgotten!

Nature's lacy beauty....

Clear winter skies made the Ficus Benjaminus Golden King  look amazing!

A reminder of another fabulous morning spent with friends...

Even a forgotton pot, tucked away in the corner of the garden had a stunning bit of beauty to flirt with the lens!

A walk in the Magic Forest in Durbanville after the rain...and a lilttle magic...

Urban Sprouts??

Found this in a gallery in Stellenbosch...

Dream catcher au Natural!!!

Wishing you all a very happy Monday and a week full of beauty!!

Live Well




  1. it's so refreshing to see beautiful pics of God's beauty as we, in the Midwest USA, suffer thru a 'flash' drought as the weather experts termed it!! just gorgeous!!! thank you for sharing!

  2. The colours of your winter are so very beautiful. A lily in winter is quite a special gift!

  3. Veronica,

    What a lovely Sunday evening post. Your roses are no less than stunning and the photo of the dove is so sweet.

    Enjoy your week.

  4. Lovely photos... & beautiful color...
    Have a good week.

  5. Wow those picture in nature are stunning!