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Friday, 13 July 2012

My talented friend ~ Linda

Hello everyone!

Friday the 13th??  Hope you are all well and warmer than we are over here. Freezing weather and snow (only on the mountains over here ~ thank goodness) predicted for the weekend...

I think it has already fallen!!

What have you planned for this weekend? I am heading out to Franschoek attired in red, white and blue to join in The Bastille Festival! Wine, food, boules, barrel races, waiter's races, markets and a whole lot of fun!

um..in the midst of all the rain predicted!!

Remember my previous post on Ellen~Maud's beautiful winter garden ( click to view) and this magnificent aloe that I photographed...?

Well, another beautiful talented friend, Linda, whom you have met twice before, she gifted me that magnificently fragranced bouquet of tuber rose (Click here to view that post)  and  (here to view the vintage table scape post) which she did for the ladies spring tea, last season. This lady has another talent, come take a look...

She is also an artist!

Linda painted the aloes in Ellen~Maud's garden... in mixed medium. First, she took a picture and positioned it on the canvas.

I got super excited about this particular piece of art and you will see why... if you know me and my blog and my love of autumn shades!

Then she  added a gauzy bandage  below for textural enhancement.

Take a closer look ...

...and started to layer the colours! Hmmm, already I can see some of you smiling, thinking...yip Veronica's colour palette...but keep going it gets much much better...

Now!! Can you see what I meant?  An autumnal colour symphony right out of my dream colour palette ... This piece of art has all my colours, moody charcoals, terracotta, burnt ambers, creams, browny shades of red and more. The textures and shapes are so pleasing and gives such depth. I am afraid that my camera, simply does not do it justice!!

Take a closer look at those gauzy bandages now...

I love the "haloed effect" surrounding the aloes making the form and whorls pop out at you.

Here, displayed against a stone wall, together with another friend's version of the same scene the colours come to life even more and it would be the perfect spot to hang it!

Linda, has been part of an exhibition and has also sold some of her paintings. She loves painting and is super talented, as you can see.

I will show you more of her work and also her beautiful garden in a future post.  Whenever I visit her it is always a treat and highlight of my visit to see what her latest subject is on the easel!

I deeply admire a talent like this and can just imagine the amount of pleasure it gives to the artist. It  certainly imbues my spirit with a good dash of appreciation.

Long sigh of pleasure.....

Thanks to Linda for dutifully calling me to pop along and take pics as she was progressing! It is always an education for me to see how it all comes together in the end. And a great pleasure to be able to share it with you.

I will be linking this inspirational post to Inspite me Monday at Create with Joy!  Please hop over there for loads of inspiration!!
Thank you for your company
Live Well



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  2. Wow Veronica you are so lucky to have such talented friends and I appreciate Linda sharing her wonderful artwork with us. We're raosting over here with near 100 degree weather so I'm not doing anything outside for the next couple of days. Perfect time for me to catch up on things inside.


  3. You are so talented in capturing special effects and colour. You have the ability to appreciate and enjoy the beauty of small things in life. Love

  4. What fun - and lucky you to be in on the creative process.
    I hope you had a wonderful time in Franshoek - and I hope there will be a post with photos of that beautiful place.