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Friday, 20 July 2012


Hello dear ones!!

How are you all doing? Ready for the weekend? Any interesting plans?

We enjoyed a little Indian summer in honour of Madiba's birthday over here. It was a treat and we dried out a bit after all the rain, but alas, it was short lived ... and the rain is softly falling again!!

I have a last treat installed for you from my visit to Franschoek, last week during the Bastille Fest  click here if you missed it! I popped into one of my favourite decor shops, Masquerade ...

.... draped in The Tricolour of France.

It most certainly is the place to loose ones head, trust me this would not be a difficult endeavour...

It's probably during this time, lost in here, that I missed the waiter's race!! Oi! Maybe, I should enter for next year's race.... but you can surely see how the seduction came about...be reasonable!!??

Blame the chandelier who shamelessly winked at me as I was passing by...

I felt a patriotic nod to my French Ancestors and acquired some of that ribbon draped over Madam. The possibilities are endless..

I was lost in France and did not hear a single announcement...

...not even one!!

The air was awash in lavender and of course, I instantly thought of ... Madam Duflot's Wedding Samba!!! Click here to enjoy it!! and was humming away happily...

Who would hear a race announcement in here??


I was tempted to get under the covers...it was freezing and I was wet!

Of course I would find the urns!

A warm glow ...


And so, onto matters concerning taste buds...

Loved the wall and the grey and gorgeous mural above ,,,

Well, I am pleased that you understand now, how I got a lil lost in here...

A whole lotta rooster love going on here!

Lovely linen!


These lil cloche's were just too darling for words...yes they could be used for truffles, both the earthy and chocholately type! Or both of course...

I seriously had to find the exit before my purse was lost along with my willpower....

In spite of the miserable weather it was an awesome day! At this point I needed lunch and I trotted off to French Connection Bistro, and of course, to ponder the minor catastrophe of missing an event I needed to photograph...sigh..nothing a glass of Shiraz won't put into perspective...

Thank you for you company

Live Well / Bien Vivre



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  1. What a feast for the eyes! I can't imagine a shop over here getting so caught up in the spirit of an event.
    The Wedding Samba - it's what my new SIL and his mother danced to at our daughter's wedding. What fun!

  2. LOve the silver dish cover. Always wanted one of those for the big Ta-Dah moment!

    Have a glorious weekend.


  3. What a fun shop... I could spend all day in a shop like that!

  4. OMG I would go bonkers in that store...they would have to kick me out kicking and screaming:) Could so live in a shop like that, so many beautiful things and of course with the French influence its a no brainer that everything is so beautiful! Enjoy your weekend.

  5. Soooo many inspirational things!
    How I just love your blog, Veronica!