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Monday, 7 May 2012

My Blue Monday!

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend? I had a lovely weekend away with my kids in the tiny seaside village of  Paternoster. It was a treat to have both kids under the same roof even if it was just one night! We ate seafood, drank wine, explored the beautiful village and stared at the sea...

This was the lovely view from our  balcony...

The whitewashed houses are all so quaint.

We walked on the beach ... of course!

I loved the colour combination of the blue and terracotta and what a cute name. 

Many homes have shutters and various different colours but these caught my eye...

And then, it was  Monday morning...and a few wheels fell of ... or should I rather say, that I seem to have had a techno meltdown!!

I struggled to get into my blog!
Many of my emails in my outbox did not send!
I discovered that I had scheduled a blog post meant for last Tuesday for tomorrow!
One of my readers Lauren, who subscribes to my blog via Feedburner, advised that she has not received my blog in her in box for many weeks and that she tried to re subscribe (Bless her!) and it said that she was already subscribed ~ of course... Phew!

I have been trying all morning to find the problem but to no avail! Have any of you experienced similar problems with feedburner and if so, do you have any ideas of how to sort it out! I would appreciate hearing from you.

So, it is a bit blue over here in my Monday!!

 I tried to find some prettier blues...

Anyway, moving on to beautiful things...that is why you are here!

That picture I took in Paternoster of the blue shutters sent me in search of more inspiration and I found these..

Now, as you know I am not all that into the colour blue in my home... yes...sadly. I do love it but it just has not worked out that way for me.
However, the house I have been looking at buying in the country is a bit of an old lady. She needs a new look and I have been thinking that  a new creamy coat of biscuit or sandstone along with blue shutters might just be the thing for her. I am not going to get too excited, yet, as it is a long way off ~ fingers crossed please!! But, that has not stopped me from a dash of daydream believing...hence these images from Pinterest!

Remember the picture of the lil fishing boat above in this post...
It seems to resonate here...

Picture perfect ~ and the colour combination that I have in mind.

Lovely combination...

This is the image, below, will accompany me to choose paint, for sure!

I do hope that your Monday is better than mine!

If not, I leave you with a bouquet of Proteas to improve your Monday...

I took these shots during my spring garden visits in Franschoek.

Thank you for your company

Live well



Please leave your comments and remedies for feedburner in the comment box below... I am all ears!


  1. I found your blog and it's absolutely lovely and your photos are enchanting!
    Warm greetings

  2. Oh I love blue, and the one with the fol;ding yellow chairs reminds me that I especially love blue and yellow. I went to Patternoster about 35 years ago, and it was pretty then too.

  3. Veronica I wish I could help you out with your feedburner problems but I'm not on feedburner. I hope you get everything straighten out soon. The pictures you took are lovely and while I'm not a blue person these are making me one.


  4. What a beautiful village, and I just love the shutters especially against an old rendered or stone wall. Anyone of those photos would make a wonderful painting.

  5. Such a beautiful place...and I'm wondering what the name of the boat is in English. I loved your photos - better than anything on Pinterest.

  6. Hello V,
    Your images are beautifull and want me to visit Paternoster again soon..it has been a while. Re feedburner, i havw. It had a y problems as far as I'm aware, only probs is with leaving comments on wordpress blogs...but that is entirely diff issue.
    Glad you had a lovely weekend, may your blue Monday be forgotten.. Holding thumbs for your home in the country...blessings, Colette x

  7. Veronica, your photos of Paternoster are gorgeous, the view from the balcony is toally dreamy.

  8. Fantastic photos , love the blue pots on the white washed wall

  9. What fabulous shots of Paternoster, surely one of the loveliest and unspoilt spots in the world. Thank you for sharing these!

  10. Im so glad to have found your blog! The pictures are beautiful and I look forward to reading more about your life in Cape Town.
    Carolyn Bradford

  11. I love blue on doors and shutters! So pretty! Hope your problem is solved soon....
    Blessings, Lorraine