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Monday, 10 October 2011

Weaver Struggles to please the Missus!

Morning all! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Monday is a grand day as it is my blogging day  and I try to set it aside to catch up with everyone and do my blog posts for the week. We had a great weekend and the weather was amazing. Today is a bit dismal and windy so its great to be here in blogland and seeing every one's fall decor in the Northern Hemisphere. It fascinates me how we are in spring you some of you are doing gorgeous fall decor. Just goes to show, here in blogland we can have the best of both worlds!!

 A while back I did a post on my Queen of the Night which smells just heavenly and about the weaver who was building a nest. You can catch up on it here to see how the nest started.

Some of you asked for an update on Weaver's antics and to show you the completed nest.

Busily stripping the palms for building material and looking rather fierce at my photographic interruption!

It is truly amazing how nimbly they weave with their beaks and how fast! I can watch them for hours and of course the singing and chirping is a delight! Although when there are a few together building the decibels can become unbearable as Smirnoff the Labrador will be quick to point out!

Finally, A completed nest that seems to meet with the approval of the Missus! She is a feisty creature and had ripped poor Mr. Weaver's grand construction to shreds a few times!!! This time she seems pleased and I missed her inspection but since it has been dangling there for a week and I have seen her in and out, so I take it, that this will be the new nursery in the garden!

Construction start to finish!

As you can see below they like to build all the nests in the same tree close together as seen here on a farm, so I am quite lucky to have a single nest in my garden!

Loads of blooms in the garden at the moment...

The most prolific rose in my garden is Dream Yellow. It seems to be in constant bud or bloom nearly all year round including almost all the way through winter and each year when I eventually decide to prune it, it usually still has flowers on! It was a gift from my children for Mother's Day many moons ago!

Smirnoff has been taking a daily swim as is his custom since his first swim of the season (click here)


Hope you all have a great week.
Live well

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  1. How interesting to see the nest being built. Great shots and your dog is having a lot of fun I am sure.

  2. The series of photos of the nest-building were so very interesting! I'll be some elementary school science teacher would love to have those!

  3. Oh my these is the most amazing post I have encounter today. I know birds can make nest, the round one. But this nest hangs and they cover it well, how they do that is beyond me. And if birds can do such marvelous works like this we can do more than that. I love your post thanks for sharing!

    Fall Colors

  4. I have never seen nests like that!
    The roses are gorgeous, all the flowers are !

  5. I haven't seen this nest either. Aren't they beautiful? And your dog! We've had many Labs, they have all been the sweetest guys...& they have all loved swimming. Don't you love how he's getting into the pool? xx's my friend...

  6. I love these shots! I've never seen a nest like this, and that tree full of them is incredible!

    My tiny dog hates water, he can swim if he falls in a stream while we're hiking but he'll never volunteer to get wet!

  7. Beautiful shots. The nest building is fascinating.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  8. Veronica those are just beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing with the newbie party. I just liked your facebook page. I finally have one up on my blog now, took me awhile to figure that out LOL!

  9. Oh how great to get an update on your feathered friends. Their dewelings have to be the most interesting. I love they way they like to be so close to their friends. Great Post. Thanks for the update.

  10. First of all....I love all your photos. They are just amazing. Those garden pics...oh my gosh....Thank you for sharing.... I always have to look twice!! Thank you also for visiting my blog...you were to kind for leaving such sweet comments. Have a lovely weekend. Bobbie P.S. Smirnoff is just beautiful...

  11. In my blog tour, this is the most amazing post I have encounter today. I know birds can make nest, the round one. But this nest hangs and they cover it well, how they do that is perfect. And if birds can do such marvelous works like this we can do more than that.

  12. amazing pictures so beautiful birds and gardens wooww I hope some day to have something like that