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Monday, 31 October 2011

Japie's Paradise Part Two

Good morning friends from a wintry, cold and wet Cape Town. It seems that Spring has migrated to another part of the world and we are reaching for the winter woollies again instead of our bathers! It has been a busy few weekends of gallivanting all around the countryside visiting loads of wonderful open gardens! What a feast and over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing them with you. I think I have enough pictures to blog for a couple of years....sigh....

Well, onto today's post. Last week I shared part one of Japie's amazing tropical garden.  If you missed that post, and believe me you don't want to miss it, please click here to have a look.

Okay, so I made it to the front door snapping away like a garden paparazzi of note !! Japie graciously invited me in. A man of so many talents, he was busy cutting out shirts. Yip, he makes them himself! How cool is that? And might I add, that they were made with... you guessed it...attention to detail!

Lets go outside friends. There are many treasures here but the piece de resistance, for me anyway, is this.....

How amazing is that? And look at how lush it is. It is the best Staghorn fern I have ever seen!! Believe me when I say that the photo does not do it justice, it is quite magnificent! Take a closer look...simply breathtaking.

I could hardly move away and kept coming back to take another look. But let me show you the rest of paradise friends..

Please note the little punnets in front where more little treasures are been propagated.

Just look at the different shapes of the leaves and the colour...amazing isn't it?

The back garden is by no means large either, but Japie has made use of every inch of space and it displays maximum beauty. You need to take time gaze up into the trees , look and look again, else you will miss something...sigh...
There is just so much to see and capture with your camera.

Look carefully...
Talk about vertical gardening.
I am afraid that I am not able to do it justice, you need to be there...Looking up and with the light illuminating the multicoloured leaves of the bromeliads it is just magical. It feels like you are on the set of a fantasy movie not unlike Avatar. Pure magic friends.

Note the smaller staghorn fern to the right of the picture in the tree.

Looking across the pool to another interesting and seductive corner...

Note the texture of the tree trunk. If I remember correctly it is the Paperback Melaleuca and so ideal for what Japie has done here..

Wow! the colours and pattern...

Treasures abound...

Tree ferns are always so majestic and just adds so much grace to any space and here it is just perfect. Look at the pattern on the bark. I used it in the mosaic above as well.

Railway sleepers have never looked this good...

I just love the textures here...

So striking ....

Looking across the koi pond to an interesting corner of the garden.

Luminous lime like you haven't seen it before...highlighted to perfection by the red of the bromeliads

Delicate and lacy

Acer's leaves frames the pond

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That's it for today folks. Next I will be showing you the rest of the front garden. I have received so many email regarding Japie's garden and queries for names of plants. Thank you. I have answered most of them and just one or two remains where I need to get the names of plants
I do not know. I will get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for all your interest and wonderful comments. I will be sure to pass them on. It has indeed been a wonderful privilege to share this with you and for being able to visit such a magical garden.

Live Well

Ps: I would love to hear from you so please leave me your comments below or email to ronnieclark@mweb.co.za



  1. Hello Veronica,
    what amazing potographs! I am so looking forward to a little gardening now that Kamers event is over. thank you for sharing with us and I am inspired to make gardening a priority for the next few weeks. hugs Col

  2. Hi Veronica.
    That garden is just stunning. All those beautiful and exotic plants,unvelievable. I understand when you say this is the most beautiful garden you have ever seen.
    Have a nice week.

  3. Wow, what a tour! A little tropical paradise, gorgeous.

  4. wow, what a beautiful garden! is it your´s?

  5. This is a truly fantastic looking tropical garden. Your photos show a real paradise full of stunning tropical plants. That Staghorn Fern is just magnificent. I love all the Bromeliads, the Crotons, the Calatheas and the Ferns. Thanks for sharing this great garden.

  6. This truly is amazing... and that staghorn... remarkable. This has been a very enjoyable tour1 Larry

  7. Yes everything there we have here too, it is really a tropical garden. I didn't know that CapeTown has tropical climate, thought it has 4 seasons. I wish you were there either early morning or late afternoon so your photos will not look like that. There's a lot of lovely plants there to take photos, lovely plants.

  8. What an amazing place! I'll surely be back to take another look at these inspirational images.

  9. What an awesome collection of gorgeous plants and greenery. It is amazing the size of some of them. The soil and the weather must be ideal for them to flourish like this. This is one amazing garden complex which appears to go on and on. Stunning post. genie

  10. You had me at Tropical! This is amazing and think you for sharing all this beauty! XO, Pinky