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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

I'm Back!!

Good morning friends. I am back from my trip and happy to return to blogland to catch up with all my favourite blogs, friends and followers! Time is travelling faster than any of us care for, and I am looking towards Christmas already...When do you all bring out your Christmas finery? Well, I for one am like a kid when it comes to Christmas decorations and can actually not wait to unpack them!

But for now, I am sticking to flowers if only to celebrate spring, properly!  I had this bouquet in my living room to enjoy for a while...

Well, actually the kitchen island, as my kitchen, breakfast room and living room is all open. My favourite space in the house...

The St Joseph Lilies are so fragrant and perfumes the whole house, even upstairs...

I bought quite an odd ensemble, what with the eucalyptus in the mix, and after I had done, I thought, Oh Dear! The smells are going to clash... but for some reason, the eucalyptus did not smell strongly, in fact I could not detect it at all, so I left it.

The crew was keeping a close eye on my doings...

Just outside the patio door, the smell was still heavenly as the Jasmine was now in full bloom....

So, I put some in all the bathrooms and the guest loo below.

The farm across the road uses the pastures down here for spring grazing so from my desk I have this lovely sight in the mornings and some sounds that I don't usually hear!

I have some lovely posts lined up for you and am looking forward to hearing from all of you again! Thank you for all the wonderful comments I received via my Blackberry while I was away. You kept me entertained with all your great input as usual.

Live Well



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  1. Pleased your back missed your sunshine smile. The flowers are beautiful.

  2. Your jasmine is looking stunning, I can smell it from France !! :)

  3. Beautiful flowers! The jasmine must be heavenly!

    No Cmas decos here till after Tgiving. I don't like to slight Tgiving, it is such a lovely holiday to celebrate here in the US.

  4. Your flowers are beautiful and it looks like you are being very well supervised! Too Cute!

  5. Hi ladies! So good to see you all again!! Oh yes Kathleen I forgot about Thanksgiving>> wish we had it here it is a lovely celebration.

    Hehe Sharon, I'm sure you can smell it in your beautiful valley. It's looking very good this year.

    Thanks Sue your'e a star!

    Ginger... they follow me everywhere them supervisors!


  6. Beautiful lilies and I think I can even smell the jasmine's perfume.
    Love your doggy companions watching over it all.

  7. What a lovely bouquet...and now nice to have jasmine just outside your patio door. That's not a bad view from your desk either...Beautiful! TY for the lovely photographs!

  8. The flowers are beautiful and your puppies look so sweet!

  9. I love the "crew" !! It is so cute when they cross their legs!

    The flowers are beautiful too!

  10. Such beautiful flowers and the Jasmine! It's one of my favorites. Glad you're back, safe and sound!