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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Fragrant White

Hello dear friends. Welcome  to all the lovely new faces in my sidebar keeping me company in the wee hours of the blogging night! Forgive me if I utter some mumblings as I wrestle with blogger's temperamental traits. I would also like to thank all the kind souls who migrated to the new facebook page and "Liked" it again!

As I write this I am hot as can be and should not be complaining but honestly, there has been very little rain here and today there is a warm wind blowing and driving us crazy. This in mid winter...The garden is completely confused as to what season it is currently dealing with...And 1600 kilometers to the north in Johannesburg they are astounded by a carpet of snow!! The last time it snowed up there I was a girl of 19 and that is 30+ years back. Now, now age is secret...

Never the less, Spring has Sprung forth and burst into Song...A whale or two has put in an appearance in the bay and the migrating birds have noisily announced their return in a "Happy to still find you here kinda way"!!

The Jasmine is in full bud and looking promising....

Can you smell it?

A gardening friend says that the Jasmine makes one big brief show and then disappears and he prefers to plant the indigenous variety Jasminum Multipartitum. Also very pretty but not as vigorous. But me...I 'm hooked on this one and love the smell. I break of sprigs and dot them around the house not even putting them in water.

A few days later...

There is a singular bloom on the Moonflower dangling in the breeze...

Oddly enough I prefer the single variety but this one does look like an artful creation...Flamboyant actually!

It too exudes a heady fragrance at night and is most prominent at dusk.

The Nicotiana has been standing erect and stout not needing to be staked at all, and flowered all through the winter!

Off course the fragrance is most prominent in the dead of the night and the blooms make a wonderful show. The nicotiana has colonised this corner of the garden and self seeds every year prolifically.

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I hope you are all enjoying a great day. Now lets have a chat below in the comment box. I am still visiting everyone who has left some wonderful comments on my previous posts and thank you for all the chatty emails! Loving them to bits.


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  1. Certainly these beautiful blooms welcome you into Spring, and I can almost smell the delicious jasmine...one of my favorites!!

  2. Oh Veronica,I can almost smell that Jasmine...

    I will try planting that in my new desert garden this year, wish me well. I have always had it in my other gardens and love the fragrance. I plant it at the entry, by a window, and near seating areas.

    Love your white flowers. They are always welcome in the garden come nightfall.

    Thanks for joing the party. I love your blog!

    xoxo Bunny Jean
    Bunny Jean's Decor and Morw! (my main blog)

  3. Hi Veroncia, your photos are beautiful, I can almost smell the Jasmine, wish we could grow it here. Hope your weather is cooler today, we're enjoying a it of a repreve in the heat.. hugs ~lynne~

  4. Hi adore white blossoms, and yours are gorgeous! The jasmine is just beautiful! I've grown moon flower before, and you are right, the scent is incredible! Enjoy!

  5. That jasmine must smell like heaven. I love your photo's. They make me smile.

  6. I love flowers that have a wonderful fragrance-yours are so pretty.I love that moonflower.

    You have a lovely blog!

    Thank you for your kind words today,


  7. Oh, I LOVE spring! We are at the end of summer, and it's HOT. Enjoy your spring, and I'll do a little rain dance for you :)

  8. The moon flowers are AMAZING.

    - The Tablescaper

  9. The moon flower is such an unusual flower! I don't think I've ever seen one! Great photos! ♥

  10. These flowers are amazing. I can just close my eyes and smell them and the photos are beautiful. Enjoy your spring....we are coming to the end of summer over here so everything is starting to pitter out. Looking forward to seeing more beautiful photos.
    Marianne :)

  11. What a wonderful variety of perfume you must have in your garden!

  12. It's amazing how just one sprig of jasmine can fill a room with fragrance! It is one of my favourite scents - so fresh. Lovely photo's of your garden. Your clearly have green fingers. My fingers - not so much! My garden is also very confused by this weather. HAve a lovely day x Sharon

  13. What beautiful flowers. We adore the smell of jasmine. Thanks for stopping by our blog last week. We are so glad to have found your blog.
    Angela and Renee

  14. Hi Veronica, Your Jasmine looks wonderful.White flowers are beautiful in a garden especially in the evening light.

  15. Wow, I LOVE your South African floral pics! It is so amazing that the other hemisphere is having spring now... we are getting ready for the onset of fall. Spring is by far my FAVORITE season and I would have it all year long if I could. It is so full of freshness and renewal. Love your bog photo header, too! Your new follower, Andrea @ townandprairie

  16. We have that same variety of Jasmine in our yard...love the smell~ Wow! the Moon Flower is exquisite..thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog~

  17. Beautiful shots of your flowers.

  18. Those flowers are very attractive and yes, they also have smell.

    Thanks for sharing the beauty of your flowers.

    Cassy from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

  19. lots of beautiful whites you share with us. :)

  20. Oh Veronica
    its a beautyfull house

  21. in some parts of Latin America this flower is called "reina de la noche" "night queen" the aroma that this plant release is almost hypnotic, in fact some people use this to prepare a "special" tea.