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Monday, 29 August 2011

Cute Overload Part Two

Good Morning dear Friends. The broodiness continues as does the cute overload. Last week I got tripped up by beautiful images that I found and it took me completely off course, but I am not complaining as I am enjoying the fantasy ride immensely!

Remember my post on kids rooms that beguiled me into submission to post something that I hadn't planned on. If you missed it have a peek HERE. And remember this fantasy image...

A very clever interpretation of a tree stump cot....
Look from the other side...complete with fungi steps up to the soft landing...

 And then I found a close up of the flower lamps...just enchanting...

...and look now...

You simply have to see the rest of it! Please click HERE to be enchanted by the rest of the details...

Wasn't that awesome? I just had to share that link with you!

 Isn't it gorgeous? You can just imagine your little princess in there.....we are now all wishing our girls were tots again...

 I think it is high time that I start a intense campaign for grand children...lol!

I have a few more fantasy rooms to share in the next week or two.

Wishing you all a great week.


Images from Kidropolis and Pinterest

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  1. YES! That was pretty awesome. Thanks for sharing with the newbie party.

  2. My granddaughter's would love a room like this.
    I can just see Madeleine curled up in the bed. She would be all big smiles. :0)

  3. Oh my goodness these babyrooms are so gorgeous. They used such a lot of fantasy. I love that.

  4. This is BEAUTIFUL! I want to live in this room as an adult! :)

  5. I love the round crib. One of a kind nursery for sure! thanks for sharing. :)

  6. OMG. So much effort is amazing.Fiona

  7. Amazing. Thanks for linking up!

  8. This is absolutely charming! LOve it!

  9. my goodness - what little girl wouldn't adore this room! Amazing!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hi.
    have a wonderful week.

  10. Many little girls would love a room like that. Thanks for sharing.

  11. How whimsical, and pretty. I love it.

  12. That is not a kid's room.

    It's a great CAT Room. Look at it again.

    Garden & Be Well, XO T

  13. This is adorable and whimsical, any child would certainly have fond memories of such an imaginative room and bed!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  14. OMG I just looked at these photos again and realize everything is too small for a child... this room is for a pampered fur baby!!! Lord have Mercy... this cat's room looks better than most of the rooms I've seen decorated for children!!! *LOL* Now that's a PAMPERED pet!!!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  15. I have a 5 year-old and I need to make sure she NEVER sees this page. Up until now she's been very happy with her plain yellow walls and normal bed, but she'd go crazy over a forest-inspired room like this. Wow, it's beautiful.