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Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Warm and Wrapped in Throws

Hi Everyone!

How is your week shaping up?

Over here the days are still warm, but the evenings are getting chillier and so we are finding all the winter woollies and hauling out down duvets and blankets, and all manner of snugly attire.

One of winter's indulgent buys has got to be throws. The sofas are being draped with wool, cashmere, faux fur and tartan.  We are all anticipating lazy weekend afternoons curled up next to the fire with a glass of red, a book and a snugly throw. Wafting from the crock pot in the kitchen the enticing smell of dinner will be simmering, while we get on with the serious business of relaxing.

Under one of these maybe...?

There are loads of cable throws but this cream one is one my list for winter. Take a close look at the flower arrangement and the bowl of fruit for a splash of colour.

I'll be a snuggle bug in one of these, for sure...

All we need is right here. I'm not big on knitting but that bookshelf has me gasping to reach out and touch....

Every remaining sunny day in the Mother City is an opportunity for a picnic and  these will do just fine. Loving the colours. One of my favourite things to watch is when everyone piles into Kirstenbosch, on a Sunday afternoon, for a sunset concert ... spreading their throws and picnic blankets, opening the wine and unpacking their gourmet delights. Sigh...

These add a wonderful splash of colour.

An open invitation...to sit a while and warm yourself....

I really love this paisley throw from OKA. The colour is all me!

A basket with a few of these in the living room will provide all the cosiness for a night in with old movies...

I know! You have probably seen this a few times in Blogland, but....it is so inviting and I could not resist it. Although the sofa would never have been a choice of mine it has most certainly stolen my heart and I would seriously consider it for the family room! That is one serious sofa!

Speaking of luxury...the throw and scatters below, are completely top of my snuggle charts!

And, of course all the details of the room is just perfection.
I sound like a broken record but again the colours are just gorgeous, especially the throw! Now, which wall can I paint black??

How do you feel about faux fur? I adore it but I can imagine some would not like it at all....?

Luxurious and Glamorous!


The sofa and throw rounds of this room perfectly.

This image you have probably also seen, but take a closer look at the throws and appreciate the whole picture yet again....sighs are in order....

A throw on a sofa, chair or bed is an invitation to be seated or to lie down, to relax and get comfortable and take some "me" time.

Some of you are heading to summer and packing away all snuggely bits. Enjoy your warm season and we in the South, we will keep warm with a throw, a fire and some warm thoughts and memories of summer.

Live Well



All the images are from Pinterest. Should you know the provenance of any image specifically, I would be most pleased to add it, so please advise me.
I look forward to your comments  below.


  1. A cosy chair and a cuddly throw will get me through the worst winter evening. My throws are getting quite threadbare - lots of inspiration in this post!

  2. Beautiful images Veronica...I love throws too...have quite a few...
    You need one of my cashmere poncho's to wrap around you in the chilly weather ;-)
    Lovely post.
    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  3. Great choices Veronica and believe it or not we still needs throws in New England, it gets very cold at night. I love faux fur and why not it's fake, the real thing I'm not a fan of but as long as nothing is hurt for it I'm in. Enjoy your cool nights!


  4. Lovely post - it had put me in the mood for winter and a cable throw is very high up on my wishlist! x Sharon

  5. Hi Veronica,

    I love throws. Actually, I have an obsession for rugs and throws! LOL So, this post was just amazing for me!

    The "soho" sofa (the one you mentioned for your family room) was my client's "must-have" for her family room also. That was until she dropped by a RH and tried it. She hated it! She said it was incredibly uncomfortable. I guess it's because of all the tuffs all over. So, my advice is, make sure to try it before buying (online).

    Have a great day, my friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  6. You chose a clever and unique theme for this post and I enjoyed it very much. I'm on the other side of the world and we are indeed gearing up for summer, which I somewhat dread, as I prefer the cooler times. Every year, we seem to get drier and hotter in the west coast USA. Which is why I reluctantly put aside the comforters this past week...and the cozy throws. To answer your question about faux fur, yes, I've had a faux fur throw and it felt luxurious and coaxed great naps. I also love a Polartec throw, which is a fabric manufactured in east coast USA (synthetic, soft, lightweight "blanket"). I had a biology/health/lifestyle teacher in the teenage years of school who said, "It isn't lazy to find a few minutes in an afternoon to put your feet up and rest a bit, so do it throughout your life whenever possible." Nothing MAKES that more possible than shoes off and a bit of blankie pulled over oneself; I suppose it speaks to something deep in our memory banks as babies and toddlers being wrapped gently for warmth and sleep.

  7. This was such a great post. I loved looking at all the gorgeous pictures and cozy throws. My favorites are the orange ones and the fur ones and that last picture is divine. I'm going to pin some now. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  8. Throws and fires are the best things about winter, aren't they? I'm back in England and although it's supposed to be spring, it's still throws-and-fires weather here! Missing Cape Town dreadfully ... xo

  9. Hello Veronica! My first visit, will visit you again. Seriously, I thoroughly enjoyed your posts( really interesting blog). Would be great if you could visit also mine...Thanks for sharing! Keep up the fantastic work!