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Sunday, 22 April 2012

An Autumn Stroll in my Garden.

Hi Everyone!

How was your weekend?

I had a lovely relaxing weekend and took a drive into the country to explore a wonderful farm garden and then on Sunday I headed back out in another direction to explore a new town that might be my next home!

Back home, I took my camera and had a look to see what was in bloom in my own garden. I needed the inspiration, since my garden is undergoing a bit of  a revamp and  it is not looking all that great in places. But of course, Mother Nature rarely disappoints and once I started there turned out to be quite a bit happening!

Sticks of Fire is starting to put on its winter coat of colour.

Hibiscus "Kona" always seems to have a bloom on no matter what season we're in!

A Spider nest in among the clivias... creepy....

I love the pink bloom of the Zimbabwe creeper. It is always a buzz with life!

The Moonflower in front seems not to know that a chill has set in and still blooms profusely!

The delicate pink is so beautiful.

Nature's pantry is full and the birds have a daily feast!

A lone tomato under the conifer tree of all places. It popped up in the shade and I had absolutely no expectations of it at all, but boy... did it deliver a crop! Who says a tomato needs full day sun?? This one's stats looks amazing...I stumbled upon a cluster of reds as I was weeding. What a bonus!

Robin Redbreast takes breather in his nest from feeding the offspring!

The heavenly colour of Plumbago" Royal Cape " is just Divine!

The parent at work...on the way back home with the evening meal...

...and on the menu for this evening.... a worm or two or three...

...and perhaps a berry for dessert?

The double white moonflower's tutu is still pristine...

Smirnoff takes the camera as a cue for his daily dip...

...and a ferocious shake showering all in range...

There always seems to be something to please the senses in the garden. I am so blessed to have a garden. As we head to winter and the rainy season over here I try to enjoy every sunny day outdoors and to do as much of the revamp as possible.

Wishing you all a great week!

Thank you for your company.

I will be joining Wow Us Wednesday at Savvy Southern Style

Live Well



I look forward to your comments... I am all ears...


  1. Beautiful. Hope you will still have lots of time to enjoy your garden etc. Linda

  2. I enjoyed looking at your flower pictures, birds, nature so beautiful and alive! Have a great week,


  3. Veronica you have such a beautiful garden and I love those moonflowers. That's a great picture of Smirnoff shaking off I can see the water flying. We don't have flowers in bloom here just yet so it was nice seeing yours.


  4. Really enjoyed the stroll through your lovely garden

  5. What a beautiful and colourful garden you have. I enjoyed all the (to me!) exotic flowers.

  6. Beautiful! I was a little taken aback when you said autumn, but then I realized that you were in Sout Africa.

    I love all of your beautiful flowers and you faithful cainine companion.

    I have come over after seeing you on Debra of the Aquired Objects blogroll.


  7. You have a beautiful home and garden; I love the apricoty/burnt orangish tones of the brick and framing (of course, these definitely are your colors, aren't they?!). The bird and flower photos are amazing; how on earth did you get such shots of the birds...must be some kind of "zoom" lens although here in West Coast California USA, we have blue jays in this southern part of the state and the brighter, bigger males come within mere feet from me, bold yet "tame," feeling safe and smug in the quiet of the relative undisturbed rear yards off the street. The Moonflower looks almost like what I've thought I've seen called a trumpet flower; bell-like. Our purple-blooming jacaranda trees have budded out early this year due to the unseasonably warm, dry winter. They take no care, here and there to the side of the roadways, belonging to no one, yet such a sight for road-weary eyes.

  8. Hi Veronica, I am a new follwer here. I'm absolutely bowled over by the beauty in your home and garden, your photography of the birds and flowers is fabulous. Smirnoff looks adorable. Love it all and looking forward to following the adventure.