~Written and edited by Veronica Clark ~

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Hi to all my dearest blogging friends .....

It has been a VERY long time since my last post on this blog!!!

Life has taken me on a round about journey, that at times seemed utterly surreal and at times really quite daunting.....

Divorce, the sale of my home, where I spent twenty years, the start of a new career in real estate, finding and buying an apartment, etc., etc., all took its toll, and my creative self got left way way behind, in a cloud of dust....

Today, I sat in my office and remembered, that I was once part of an amazing group of people, and the jolt came from an awesome lady, whom I met just when I just started on my blogging journey many moons ago,  Marsha from Splenderosa !!!!

Talk about surreal....how amazing is this, that I am clear across the world from Houston, and that through blogging, I get this message after many months and I am so humbled, inspired and totally filled with gratitude for that one simple comment saying...." Are you ever going to post in BIO, WE MISS MISS MISS YOU"




So let me give you an update on me.....

I finally sold my house after three long years!!!! What a daunting one that was.... A friend of mine,  sold it and also encouraged me to buy an apartment on the beach front in Bloubergstrand. It was a huge paradigm shift to move from a large double story home with a garden to a small two bedroom apartment ....but it is done now and I am totally happy in my new hood....Oh, and this is the view from my bed......

I kid you not!!!

An ever changing iconic view, and I don't even have to leave my bed to see it.... well apart from having to clean the windows and the balcony glass from salt and sea spray, you understand?

I could become a professional window cleaner very soon..... but absolutely no complaints there....I generally have a glass of wine in hand now, when cleaning windows and its a breeze, actually.

I started working as an Estate Agent, with absolutely no experience in property sales. So, at this stage I am an intern, have to do a load of exams etc. to qualify and become a full associate. Thanks again to the awesome help and encouragement of a friend.

I am absolutely loving it in spite of the odd hours that comes with the territory!!!

Those of you who know me from my past blogging exploits know that I am passionately in love with Cape Town, first and second that I love love love houses...as most of you do too!!!

So of course, becoming an estate agent was a natural progression.

I confess to being one of  those annoying people, whom estate agents detest. You know the kind....they amble into a Show House, looking all excited and interested, only to confess that they are just  "browsing" or on my more honest days that I m just inquisitive!!!

I work in an area which is very diverse. One moment I could find myself in a teeny weeny apartment, priced at around R500 000-00, and the next moment I am standing in a beachfront property for around R8 Mil.  What's not to like?

I have resisted the urge to refurbish my blog for now, just in order to reconnect with all my old buddies again, so for now Tassels, Twigs and Tastebuds will be the same as before.

Should you stumble upon this post, I welcome you back to my world....lets do some chatting, serious day dream believing and explore the wonderful world that the realms of our imagination allows us to discover.....

Live Well