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Sunday, 15 April 2012

Colour My World ~ Autumn Hues...

Hello everyone!

How was your weekend?

Over here autumn has finally asserted herself and the temperatures have dropped quite a bit and some welcome rain put an end to all gardening activities. the leaves are putting on their fiery coats and I could not be happier to be surrounded by my favourite colour palette, the palette of autumn.

I quickly piled everything into the wheelbarrow and dashed inside...

 I wearily eyed the garden shed en route, that needs tidying but instead decided on a cup of tea and a blog post! There is always tomorrow for tying!! Monday has a more tidy up tidy up ring to it anyway!!!

The rain was so welcoming in more ways than one and I could not help but grab the camera and dash outside for a couple of shots.

Smirnoff, gets up wearily and gives me a look of concern. He is my gardening companion and  is probably saying " Make up your mind now....inside or outside!!!"

There is something enchanting about the first rains after a long dry summer. All the colours seem to be clearer and everything seems new and clean. Of course, the smell is wonderful. I have a thick layer of leaves that mulch my garden from the trees and when the rain hits the ground the fragrance of earth is just wonderful!

Drops of glistening diamonds are everywhere...

In Cape Town we have mild winters in comparison to many places, and so we do not have the intense fall colours as in the pictures below from Pinterest. Isn't it just magnificent?




I would love to walk here with my Canon!


I am in constant awe of the magnificent images and the talented photographers who take them.
step carefully... I bet that water is freezing!


Perfectly framed


All my favourite colours lurk in this doorway!


I will be joining Mary for Mosaic Monday at Little Red House HERE 


Inspire me Monday at Create With Joy HERE


It's almost time to plant pansies again and this year I am going to pair some bronze pansies with English lavender.




It looks so luscious and way to pretty to eat!


I am looking forward to all the warming dishes of autumn. I think that Roasted Pumpkin Soup click here is a good start...

Image from my recipe files...source unknown

Thank you for your company

The rain has stopped and I'm back to the shovel!

Live Well



My gardening buddy is already outside being captivated by a bug!

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  1. Thank you for showcasing these - they are absolutely breathtaking!

  2. Greetings from Oman!!!
    Simply loved your mosaic and great images!!!Will be back soon.Have a great monday!


  3. The colors, sights, smells of autumn ... wonderful pinspiration! Have fun in the garden with your furry pal!

  4. Your post is so beautiful Veronica all of my favorite colors. We're fortunate enough to get an amazing fall with all the colors. But now it's time for everything to wake up and give us a splash of color. Smirnoff is a handsome boy and my Dylan likes to come out and help me when I'm puttering around the garden. Aren't our boys fun? Enjoy your Monday!


  5. Oh, how I long for Autumn.
    Here in Oregon it is rain, rain, rain. Spring=rain. Summer is late here, not until July and then in September it becomes cool again. Our color is spectacular in October and November.
    I've always said if I could win the lottery I would live in the northern hemisphere in the Autumn/Winter and the southern, in Spring/Summer.
    Your area would be my choice for that half of the year. It always looks so lovely in your posts. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Such stunning images, Veronica...autumnal beauty...we're in Spring here, although still a cold nip in the air.
    Have a wonderful week.

  7. Beautiful Images!! I love your gardening buddy, too cute! Have a great Monday.


  8. Wow, Veronica, what spectacular photos you shared! I did a double take when you mentioned autumn and I saw the leaf since it is spring here in the US until I saw where live! I also host Wordless Wednesday and I hope you will join us there too - your photos are too beautiful to contain! :-) I also have a Canon so that made me smile!

    Have a wonderful week and thanks for joining us for Inspire Me Monday!

    Create With Joy

  9. WOW those photos are just gorgeous! It's really interesting to see because here it's spring!!

  10. Wow, it feels like I just took a beautiful journey into your world, very, very lovely journey in photos too!