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Tuesday, 22 November 2011

'Tis the Season....

Hello dear friends...
Can you believe it is that time of the year already?. Part of me , the kid in me, wants to be excited, and the other, more wrinkled ageing part of me, wants to run and hide...or to stop the clock and say "Hang on a minute...something went wrong!"  sigh...I can see some of you nodding...

 All the same, the images and inspiration around blog land is just infectious and I have been pinning like a mad hatter (on sleepless nights) all the while almost "ooohhing and aaahing" the rest of the household awake with my festive finds!!

So, while I unpack my boxes of Christmas goodies I thought I would share some of my swoon worthy Pinterest finds. So here goes...swoon away....

I know at least one other person reading this blog that will go...aaaahhhh yes....Galleries Layfayette in Paris.... she will be trying to decide whether to swoon over the roof first or the tree first....and I am having similar issues...

I found the above at a website called Wonderlust and Lipstick! click here.
What a cool name for a travel blog! Lets go girls we can buy the lipstick in Galleries, when we recover from the crick in our necks!

Another midnight "aaahhh I wanna make that!" moment....I have never made a gingerbread house and it is just too cute for words.

Almost needed to be revived with smelling salts at the sight of this... I want to sweep down those stairs to the raspy voice of  Louis Armstrong's "Hello Dolly"...in a ruby red dress and maybe some killer heels!
A gal may dream...

Well, need I say anything...."cuddly inc" above. There is one for everyone to cuddle....my hat ....a heart stop moment of swoon worthy proportions!!

Remember the vintage images from our childhood when we used to send each other Christmas Cards with beautiful images like these above ....? They are so beautiful and just looking at them I can feel a few bedtime stories coming on...

An elegant monotone tree and oh so glam....

Rolling out a batch of Christmas Cheer...isn' this just gorgeous?

I want to tip toe into this room and just quietly sit and stare and take it all in....

Candy cane fun wreath to make...

It's de lovely...isn't it just?
....the staircase..oh, and the tree, of course...

Of course, as an urn addict, these were pinned instantly, clicked to enlarge and swooned over....by yours truly.

The dog is getting the festive treatment....content to take it all in...."arms" folded in a "well, it doesn't get any better than this, does it?" kinda way...

Dashing out to collect the mail would be a pleasure with a mail box adorned like this....

It never really occurs to me to decorate the light fittings.... I can't imagine why ?

Christmas stocking holders of epic delight.... I was most put out not to be able to see the rest of those elegant looking stockings!!
I want these...

This is so easy to make that even a DIYer (destroy it yourself...)person like me would be able to manage it...

I adore this arrangement of mini trees and old books!

Wreaths abound....
Simplicity with decadent abandon...
Gasp of delight...


A moment of pleasure...firstly the red door....
and then it's decor!

Well, are you inspired to decorate for the season?

To bring a little Joy to the World....?

Let's get to it and start a season of sharing...

Happy pinning and decorating

Live well



all images are from pinterest and you are all most welcome to pin away....Jingle bells, jingle bells....
Comments are also welcome....thanks for stopping by..

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  1. Oh, Veronica, you've shared all the things I absolutely LOVE!! If this doesn't get folks in the mood, nothing will! I've linked up my Christmas blog today with Tammy over at Type A. You should join us there ~ this is such a perfect post. Hope you and your family have a safe and BLESSED Thanksgiving!

  2. So many pretties, so little time! I used to make gingerbread houses, actually ginger cookie houses.

  3. So many gorgeous images...love the family room that you said you would like to just sit in...so much to study!!

  4. These are all gorgeous....I just want to swoon over every one of your pics.....
    what inspiration!
    Did you go to Kamers Vol Geskenke or exhibit there....do you know how long it will be on for!
    Thanks for your lovely post.
    Shel xx

  5. Oh Veronica, it's okay to be excited. The sleeping puppies as just too cute.

  6. Chistmas came early here. This is fun!

  7. I do enjoy Christmas - it brings out the child-like spirit in most of us!

  8. Well, I've had my fill of Christmas after visiting your blog. You have sourced an amazing selection of wonderful decor. Everything in our shops looks so tacky in comparison. I shall most definitely revisit these pages when I need a top up. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I see you've elected to follow me, too :) I'm looking forward to reading your post on La Rive!

  9. Wow what amazing shots. Loved all those sleeping dogs. And all those gorgeous trees and grand staircases. There sure are some lucky poeple out there.

    My favourite was the all white room. Thanks for gathering all these great shots together.
    Carolyn xx

  10. Gorgeous images, Veronica. I really like that decor on the door and those puppies...and really ALL of it. Following you.

  11. You always amaze me with such stunning images. If I was not in the christmas mood I am now.
    Jingle bells jingle bells jingle all the way!
    Love the red door with bells and ribbon... sigh!!!